Quick Tip: How to Zest Citrus

A little lemon or orange zest adds dimension to everything from savory dishes to sweet desserts. Zesting whole citrus is a snap once you know the technique -- and who better to teach it than pastry chef Heather Bertinetti.

Video Transcript

I have a nice little quick tip for you. Sometimes when you see in recipes and they call for zest. It's super simple to do. A lot of stores now carry what is called a microplane and you see how fine the grate on a microplane is and what you do with this is you hold it downward. When you rub the lemon or whatever kind of fruit you want to zest on the microplane it takes that outer layer of skin off leaving behind only the pith. This is the white part, this is the part that's very bitter. Another type of zester that you an use which is really fun for garnishes and cocktails, it leaves you a nice little string form. So you kind of hold it up against the fruit and you pull down. It makes these nice little curly zests. These always look very elegant on a plate. Now let's see you couldn't find a microplane. Another thing that you could do is if you have a box grater, is just grate it on the small setting and once again stop at what we call the pith. I'm Heather Bertinetti. That's my quick tip. Watch me again on eHow.com.

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