How to Build a Muscular Neck

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The key to a muscular neck lies within a few specific exercises. Build a muscular neck with help from a strength and fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Willy McNeely from Strong Gym. And today I'm going to show you one way of how to build a strong, muscular neck. Your neck is a very unique muscle, and is also a posterior muscle, so it is always having a little bit of tension on it just to keep a good posture upright. So because of that, your neck responds best to more time-under-tension exercises, or slightly higher up things that will always keep the neck muscle under tension. The first exercise I'll go ahead and perform is neck extension with a sled. I'll go ahead and grab this neck harness, fix it just on my head, and then I'm going to step back until I get a little bit of tension on the sled. I want to lean my head slightly forward, then I'm going to extend my neck back. One of the benefits to doing this exercise with a sled is it just makes the exercise a concentric motion, which means it will be easier to recover from, and it's easier just to set up. I can also perform this exercise just dragging it backwards without any movement. This will just create isometric tension on your neck muscles. Now I will perform neck flexion with the sled. This time I'll put the harness on, but the sled will be right behind me. I'll get a little bit of tension on the sled, then I'll perform my first rep. I can also do an exercise where I do another isometric contraction just by walking forward. These are just a couple of exercises to help build a strong, muscular neck. Thanks for watching.


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