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Tying a neck tie doesn't have to be a dramatic or stressful experience. Learn about easy neck tie tying instructions with help from a men's clothing specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Tressa Branin from Total Style Solutions. I have my lovely model here again who's going to assist us in tying a Four-in- Hand knot for your tie. There's several different types of ties knots that you can do, but we're going to do Four-in-Hand today. It's really simple, it's very easy technique and it's the one most gentlemen will learn as they're growing up. It's really quick and fast. So, go ahead. And you'll notice that he's got the tail on the left side in his left hand. Now, the trick when tying a knot is to hold on tight. Don't let things go. So,m you're going to take the long part of your tie and cross it over the front. And then holding on with your left hand, again keeping those nice and tight, you're going to take the front of the tie, pull it through the back and up through the front. Back to left. Now, if you're thinking, wow, that's really teeny tiny short, don't worry, you're going to deal with that at the end. And the way that you want your tie to hang, you want it to end up right at the middle of your belt buckle. So, the way you adjust how you start, it's kind of trial and error and it just depends on the length of your torso, which way is shorter and higher when you start. So, we've got it flipped up through the top in the front, and now you're going to hold on again, and with the right hand underneath the tail, grab, fold it around, holding it nice and tight, fold it around one more time and pull it up through the top and then you go down through the rabbit hole, just like when you're tying your shoes and slide it through the bottom. There you go. And then you adjust the neck length by pulling the short small tail a little longer. And there you go. So, this is how you tie a four in hand tie knot. Now, you'll notice that there's a loop generally on the back and you can put your little piece through the loop if you want to help hold it in place. Or you can just let it be and let it hang. Now a four in hand is slightly lopsided. It's not going to be perfectly even. If you like that nice even look, I would recommend doing a Windsor knot instead. Flip down your collar, make sure it's nice and smooth and even. He's got a collar stays in there to keep it. This is how you tie a Four-in-Hand knot. And again, I'm Tressa Branin with Total Style Solutions. Make sure you express your greatness.


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