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A daytime look, as its name suggests, is a style of makeup that is great for wearing out of the house during the day. Learn about makeup applications for anytime during the day with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nancy Paterra. I'm a makeup artist in Los Angeles and we're going to do a daytime look today. The tools you will need, eye shadow brush, lip brush, blush brush, angle brush, eyelash curler. Okay, so we're going to do a very basic daytime look that will take you approximately five minutes to do in the morning or whatever time it is, very simple, very easy. Let's get started. Okay first off, you want to use either a tinted moisturizer, a very lightweight liquid. Use a very small amount and apply it in downward strokes on the skin. I think for daytime, something that gives the skin a glow is really nice and appropriate, look up. Next you're going to take an angle brush like this and fill in the eyebrows. Always look at your own eyebrow color and try to match it perfectly. Sometimes if the eyebrows are a little lighter, go a smidge darker if your hair color is a little darker. On Amanda, right here, her brows are a little darker even though she's a blond. We're going to suit the eyebrow color. We're not going to try to lighten it. We're going to go with her natural eyebrow color. Take your angled brush, put a little product on it and lightly fill in. Always end at the corner of the nose, the corner of the eye, blend out and brush through with a spoolie to create a natural look. Next you're going to take your eyebrow brush, use a neutral color, place it all over the lid. For daytime you don't have to get into three, four, five colors. One is sufficient, you just want a natural look and something that's a little softer, maybe with a little shimmer in it is very pretty for daytime, open, and there we go, just sparking the eyes open a little bit. We're going to use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes, down. You want to get the eyelash curler at the base of the lash, gently squeeze, hold for a few seconds and release. That will make the eye look more open. Apply mascara gingerly, down. Make sure you always get the base of the eyelash so you have continuity with your application, open. There we go, coming to life here. Now because this is a daytime look we're keeping it very simple. We've awakened the skin. We've awakened the eyes. Now we're going to put a little bit of color on the cheeks, a soft pink will work. You want to use your blush brush. Always start out with a smaller amount of color. Then you can always build a little more, smile. Place it on the apple of the cheek. That will give the skin a nice glow and a natural flushed look. Always apply in upward strokes. It doesn't have to be a lot, just a little to create a real healthy look on the skin. Okay, last but not least, we're just going to use a gloss on the lips. I think something that has a little bit of a pinky undertone is always more appropriate than something too dark or too heavy looking. You don't have to use a lip pencil with this, just put a little bit on your lip brush and go straight to the mouth. And there we have it. That's like a five minute daytime makeup. Let's review: tinted moisturizer or foundation all over the face with a sponge or the fingertips, whichever you prefer, fill in the eyebrow to create a little bit more lift and more of a frame to the face, one color shadow on the lid, a touch of mascara, a hint of pink on the cheeks, a nice natural lip gloss and you're good to go. Thank you.


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