Tips for Opening a Bottle of Sparkling Wine

Keep the celebration going with a bit of bubbly. New York restaurateur and certified sommelier Joe Campanale shows the professional way to open a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne. Using this technique will help you keep the pressure under control and minimize messes.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Joe Campanale. You're watching And today, we're going to open up a bottle of sparkling wine. So, sparkling wine tends to have a very different sort of cork and seal than any other wine. And, you need to open it up in a little bit more of a controlled and careful manner. So, you'll notice that the foil on the sparkling wine is a little bit longer. Some sparkling wines have little tabs, but I'd say never use the tab. Always use your wine key instead, because you don't want to be looking for the tab, and sometimes it doesn't have it. You always know that you're going to have the knife on your wine key. Same sort of idea, you take one cut across, another cut around the back, and then you can use that same knife blade just to pull the foil up, and use your fingers to get the rest of it off. Now that you've removed the foil, make sure you put your thumb on the top, because there's a lot of pressure in this bottle, and you want to be safe at all times. The other thing to remember is never to point the cork towards yourself, or anyone you care about. If you don't like someone, in that case, go right for it. Okay, so, now you pull this little tab down. The tab is on a part of the bottle called the cage. Now, one of the few things that is a constant no matter where you go all around the world is that the cage on a bottle of sparkling wine will always have six turns to remove. So, you do one, two, three, four, five, and six. Remove the cage, again remembering to leave your thumb on the top of the bottle. Take a napkin or, as we call it in the restaurant industry, a serviette, go right over the top. And now, grab the cork. The reason you put this over the top is, say all of that pressure pushes the cork out, now it's not going anywhere but staying in the towel. So, grab the cork, and you're going to twist the bottle of wine slowly, and you're going to feel the pressure building, and it's done. So, leave it for just a second, just in case anything is going to spill out. And, your bottle of wine is open. Cheers! Now, all you need is a flute, or a regular old wine glass. And, I actually prefer just a normal wine glass, and pour, and serve. I'm Joe Campanale, thank you so much for watching. Come join me at Anfora for a glass of sparkling wine.

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