Opening Bottle of Wine Properly

Resident sommelier Joe Campanale shows the proper way to open a bottle of wine without breaking the cork. “Wine is a living product. Treat it gently.” With this mantra and Joe’s technique, bottle opening has never been easier.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Joe Campanale. You're watching I'm going to show you the best way to open up a bottle of wine. So, the very first thing you need is the bottle of wine you want to drink. And, the only other thing you're going to need is a corkscrew. I really like to use these waiter-style or double hinge corkscrews, and there are a few reasons. Number one, it's probably the least expensive corkscrew out there. You'd be hard pressed to spend more than 10 dollars on this one. So, this is the worm. This is your serrated knife. And, this is your double hinge. On this side of the double hinge, you also have a bottle opener, which you can use for beer bottles. So, to open up the bottle, what I like to do is pick up the bottle and try not to move the bottle around too much. If there's any sort of sediment in there, then you're just going to shake it up too much. And, wine is a living product, treat it gently. You're going to cut the foil underneath the second ridge. So, you cut one cut, two cuts. And then, just take the knife, and pull up the foil, and remove the foil. And, you take your worm, and insert it into the cork, just a little bit off center. So, as you're twisting, make sure you're pushing into the cork. When you've got it almost all the way in, you know it's about time. And, you take that very first hinge, and you squeeze, and you pull it about half the way. So, you want to make sure that you're doing is that you're not pulling the cork off to the side, or to the other side, because that'll give you a greater chance of actually breaking the cork. So, just try to get it straight up. And then, you use the second hinge, and finish it. So, you're all the way almost up. Now, you can grab the whole thing, and just ease it out. You have an open bottle of wine. The very last part, take a glass, and pour it. Cheers! Thanks so much for watching. I'm Joe Campanale for

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