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  • How to Make a FASTA File on a Mac

    The FASTA file format is a text-based format used to represent nucleotide and peptide sequences with single-letter codes. The format originated with the FASTA software package, which was developed at… Read More

  • The Code in MATLAB for OCR

    MATLAB is an acronym for “matrix laboratory” and refers to a high-level programming language and programming environment developed by technical computer software company MathWorks. OCR is an abbreviation for “optical… Read More

  • PeerGuardian Vs. PeerBlock

    As the Recording Industry Association of America crusades against digital music piracy, the organization cites surprising statistics; according to the RIAA, 30 billion songs were illegally downloaded in a single… Read More

  • How to Convert CBS to PS2

    Code Breaker is a cheat device for Nintendo DS and Playstation 2, and create a ".cbs" file. To use your ".cbs" file with the Playstation 2 emulator PCX2, you must… Read More

  • What Is a QuickPlay SlingPlayer?

    QuickPlay SlingPlayer is a pre-installed program on HP notebooks. SlingPlayer is an application by Sling Media, Inc. that allows a user to connect with her Internet TV Slingbox to watch… Read More

  • How to Sign Your Own Android ROM

    You must create a ZIP file from your Android ROM before you transfer it to the Android device. Android verifies the ROM and checks if it was modified before it… Read More

  • ICEfaces and NetBeans Tutorial

    NetBeans is an integrated development environment (IDE) for software developers that enables the development of JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications. NetBeans is an open source framework that is free to download… Read More

  • How to Fail2ban with Shorewall

    Fail2ban watches your log files for signs of attempted logins and supports configurable actions. The Shoreline Firewall, frequently known as Shorewall, is a high-level firewall construction program. Fail2ban supports using… Read More

  • Java Is Blocked

    Java is a programming language that's required to run several application and view content on the Internet. It's required to perform a variety of functions such as chatting and playing… Read More

  • How to Configure ZSH Shell in Cygwin

    Configuring Cygwin to support additional programs requires running the Cygwin installer and entering appropriate responses at each step. The ZSH shell program can be installed and configured in Cygwin during… Read More

  • How to Create a Custom Webmin Module

    Webmin is a web-based interface that is used for system administration in Unix-based systems. It allows you to set up user accounts and file sharing. Due to its design, you… Read More

  • How to Upload a Wordpress in Webmin

    Webmin, a Web hosting administration panel, does not come with a one-click WordPress installation like some other admin panels. You manually install WordPress through Webmin, which requires loading the WordPress… Read More

  • How to Make a Custom Brawl CSPs

    Brawl Box is a hacking program that lets you modify a Character Selection Portrait (CSP). In many games, including Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, Pokemon and Star Wars, when players begin… Read More

  • The Difference Between NSCD and UNSCD

    As people surf the Internet, their identities and personal information open doors. Usernames and passwords allow access to sites or forums, while cookies speed loading times for the sites that… Read More

  • How to Code Font Block Letters

    What constitutes a block letter may vary slightly depending on whether you are speaking to a typographer or a Web designer. However, common characteristics of a font in block letters… Read More

  • How to Make a Webcam Work on Pidgin

    As of July, 2011, Pidgin only supports audio and video calls on Linux and other Unix-based platforms, but there is a third-party plugin that also works on Windows. The capability… Read More

  • The HTML Code to Top Align Cells

    When building a website in HTML, you may find a table useful for organizing a small amount of information into rows and columns. Tables have been used since the dawn… Read More

  • How to Get Rid of an Attribute Error in Python

    When the Python interpreter cannot find a specified data or method attribute on an object that allows for attribute references, it will raise an "AttributeError" exception. When you get an… Read More

  • How to Convert Floating Point Numbers to Binary

    "Floating point" is the way computers represent real numbers like 11.625. These numbers are really two numbers -- the mantissa and the exponent. The mantissa consists of the actual digits… Read More

  • How to Convert XML to CSV

    The XML (Extensible Markup Language) file extension is produced by contemporary web development and design software programs to give documents structure and style. While it is possible to view these… Read More

  • How to Disable Sites in Apache 2

    The Apache 2 Web server is one of the most popular Web servers in the world, with millions of instances deployed globally. Apache 2 allows "virtual hosting," which means you… Read More

  • How Can I Make My Keyboard Do Repeatable Tasks?

    Keyboard macros are programs that allow you to compress many keystrokes into a simple shortcut. These macros can be of any length, possibly containing hundreds of keystrokes. While many keyboard… Read More

  • How to Uninstall FreeRide

    FreeRide is an online gaming portal for kids. The website offers a Free Ride Games Toolbar that is installed on the Web browser. Depending on the browser you use, the… Read More

  • How to Run Dolphin at 1080P

    The Dophin game emulator enables Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computer system users to play Nintendo Wii, GameCube and Triforce games. The open-source game emulator features powerful configuration tools,… Read More

  • How to Change OpenOffice Default Settings

    The open source OpenOffice productivity suite has programs for word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations. To assist you in formatting your documents, the programs have default settings. For example, the… Read More

  • How to Repair Java Installation

    The Java compiler is freely distributed by Sun Systems. If your Java installation is corrupt, uninstalling and reinstalling the software fixes any corrupted or deleted files that cause issues when… Read More

  • How to Put a Password in OpenVPN Config

    OpenVPN is an open-source VPN (virtual private network) product. OpenVPN allows users to create a secure connection to another network or node. It can traverse firewalls and NAT's (network address… Read More

  • How to Send an SMS Using Kannel

    You want the ability for users to send SMS messages to your website and for you to send them a SMS message back through your server. You can spend hours… Read More

  • How to Make a Bootable USB With FreeDOS

    FreeDOS is a free, open-source DOS operating system that works on IBM personal computers. The system is built from many software packages that have been contributed to the project code.… Read More

  • What Does Open Source Mean?

    In the most basic terms, open-source software is flexible software. It is editable, meaning anyone can access and change the programming code, but this isn't the only thing that defines… Read More

  • How to Integrate Webmail on a Joomla Website

    Integrate a Web mail plug-in on a Joomla website to help users easily check their email messages from the homepage. Several Web mail plug-ins are free to download. Once you… Read More

  • Types of ActiveX Controls

    An ActiveX control is a simple Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) object with special capabilities that allows it to be added to an existing application. Programmers use ActiveX controls because… Read More

  • Difference Between ANSI Code & Unicode

    ANSI and Unicode are methods of encoding text as numbers. ANSI, a proprietary format created by Microsoft, has been largely replaced by Unicode, an open standard created by the Unicode… Read More

  • The Cons of Open Office

    Open-source software, such as OpenOffice, provides a cost-effective solution for word processing, design and data needs for business and individual use. Open-source software is developed by volunteers through a collaborative… Read More

  • How to Change the Default Java JVM in Windows Eclipse

    The Eclipse IDE for Java Developers is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to edit source code for Java-based solutions. When Eclipse was installed on the system, a default Java… Read More

  • List of Adobe Acrobat Scripts

    Acrobat JavaScript is an object-orientated language that can alter and change the appearance and database settings of a portable document format (PDF) file. It is the only scripting language pre-installed… Read More

  • How to Set Up Thunderbird for Microsoft Exchange

    Thunderbird is an open-source email program from Mozilla. It works on PCs and Macs. Thunderbird does not offer native support for Microsoft Exchange Server, but if your system administrator has… Read More

  • How to Add NIV to OpenSong

    In many churches, projectors and monitors complement or have replaced hymnals and pew Bibles. Software programs, such as OpenSong, allow churches to display music and numerous translations of scriputure. One… Read More

  • How to Install XAMPP on Windows XP

    XAMPP is an open-source software package that consists of an Apache web server, MySQL server, mail server and several other software programs that are commonly used in hosting websites and… Read More

  • How to Connect to a CVS Repository

    Concurrent Versions System, or CVS, is a method for maintaining multiple versions of a single software program. The CVS server can either reside on your local machine or on a… Read More

  • How to Import Open Office Draw to Microsoft

    You can use OpenOffice Draw to create and edit images. OpenOffice Draw contains features commonly found in graphic editing software such as line and shape drawing, layering and image effects.… Read More

  • How to Burn a Bin File With Brasero

    Brasero is a free open-source software (FOSS) application that runs exclusively on Linux, and that offers users the ability to burn music, data and image files to CDs and DVDs.… Read More

  • Open-Source Spyware Removal Tools

    Spyware is a program or collection of programs that track the websites you access and things you do on your computer then sends the information to third-party companies and hackers.… Read More

  • How to Disable a Linux PCI Device

    While most modern computers are capable of running the Linux operating system, not all promise full Linux compatibility with each of the separate components. Sometimes incompatible components can create problems… Read More

  • How to Uninstall Programs in Wine

    Wine is an Ubuntu program with a Windows-like interface that allows users to run some Microsoft Windows programs. This layer of compatibility provides a convenient means of utilizing programs that… Read More

  • How to Use Smart Boot Manager

    In today's world of multiple operating systems, it is not uncommon to put more than one OS on a particular computer. Partitioning the hard drive allows the simultaneous installation of… Read More

  • How to Convert Swf to AVI Using Ffmpeg

    Online video streaming websites often use the Adobe Flash player to play video. Online videos can be stored in Flash (swf) files. Flash is primarily designed for the web and… Read More

  • How to Get the Computer Administrator's Password

    The Windows administrator password is required to enter the administrator account on your Microsoft Windows operating system. If you have forgotten the password, then you will not be able to… Read More

  • How to Change a Name in IRC

    Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the progenitor of all instant messaging systems, and its command syntax is widely used in several other private chat systems. Windows 8 doesn't come with… Read More

  • HTML Tutorial for Special Effects

    HTML allows for embedding of images and objects that can be used for interactivity. HTML works well with JavaScript that can be used to affect the behavior of web browsers.… Read More

  • How Can I Download ARES for Free?

    You can use peer-to-peer, or P2P, software Ares Galaxy to download and share files, such as music or videos, with users all over the world. Area Galaxy is an open-source… Read More

  • How to Install Java 6 Update 7

    Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java applications can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) regardless of the computer operating system or architecture. To run a… Read More

  • How to Set a Website as a Desktop Background

    Microsoft explains that to set a web page as a desktop background, you will need to import an .htm file into the Display utility. This is relatively easy, but it… Read More

  • How to Hide Text in a PHP File

    Adding a comment to a PHP file allows you to include instructions, bullet points or hidden text. A comment is a section of code that is ignored by the PHP… Read More

  • How to Open an RDF

    When a computer scans a Web page, it can distinguish words on the page, but it doesn't have a way to attach meaning to those words. A Resource Description Framework… Read More

  • How to Set Up Thunderbird Email

    Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client that can be used to send and receive mail on your computer. If you want to set up this email program, it's easy… Read More

  • How to Remove Duplicates in Openoffice

    Duplicate entries in OpenOffice Calc can be a nuisance, especially as they have to be removed manually. If done cell by cell, this can take hours on a larger spreadsheet.… Read More

  • What Is Best Way to Delete All Traces of a Browsing History?

    Deletion of Internet browsing history can be accomplished at various levels, but one way involves clearing the history of every website visited and web search made by the computer on… Read More

  • What Are the Functions of Open Source?

    Open Source is a popular term often used in the world of software production. It is a very communal and positive approach to software production that encourages education and global… Read More

  • OpenOffice Problems

    OpenOffice is a free open-source alternative to proprietary office suites--including spreadsheets and databases--that relies on a worldwide network of users to contribute to improving the program and fixing any problems.… Read More

  • Alternatives to Microsoft Streets & Trips

    Microsoft Streets & Trips is GPS software for your laptop and is one on the most popular paid-for software programs for GPS purposes. On one hand, according to Microsoft, it… Read More

  • What Is Java Applet?

    A Java applet is an application that can be embedded in a web page, similar to the way an image or video can be displayed in a web page. Since… Read More

  • How to Install OpenOffice provides a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes applications to replace Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other popular Microsoft Office features. Version 3 and later… Read More

  • How to Make a Group in SquirrelMail

    Squirrelmail is a popular Open Source web mail system used by many organizations. It has a full complement of features, including an address book that supports email groups. Unfortunately, some… Read More

  • How to Make a Spreadsheet in OpenOffice

    OpenOffice is a free office application suite that is available on the Internet, and can be used by all computer platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. OpenOffice Calc allows users… Read More

  • How to Use JDBC to Connect to MS Excel

    JDBC, or Java Database Connectivity, is a programming interface that is part of the Java programming language. It allows a software client to access databases or database-like files, such as… Read More

  • How to Create a Simple Keylogger

    A keyboard Logger is intended to record the keystrokes that a user inputs on a computer keyboard in addition to other user actions. There are a number of legitimate reasons… Read More

  • How to Remove the Site Name Text from the Joomla Header

    Your Joomla website is looking good and you’ve added some great features, but your custom Joomla header still displays the site name, even after you have tried to remove it… Read More

  • How to Save an OpenOffice Writer File as a .doc (Word) File

    OpenOffice is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. However, Microsoft Office users won't be able to access OpenOffice default files. Nevertheless, you can save OpenOffice Writer files as a .doc… Read More

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