Make Your Own Pellet Stove Pedestals Ideas


Like traditional wood-burning stoves, pellet stoves need to rest atop support structures that are noncombustible; otherwise the floor on which the stove is resting on could become singed or even catch on fire. Pellet stoves, which are typically smaller than their wood-burning counterparts, rely on compressed bits of scrap wood -- such as from wood mills and furniture manufacturers -- for their fuel. And while you can purchase prefabricated pedestals for pellet stoves, you can also make your own as a do-it-yourself project.

Underlay Material

  • The core structure of a homemade pellet stove pedestal needs to consist of a sturdy, flame-resistant material. One idea is to use concrete, which you can create by mixing Portland cement with water, sand and some gravel or crushed stone. While you can pour the concrete into a mold and let it cure -- or harden -- into a singe-piece pedestal, an alternative option is to cast multiple concrete pieces, which you can then bind together to form the pedestal using mortar or a specialized concrete bonding agent. Another idea, as mentions, is to use cement underlayment board for the pedestal, specifically varieties that the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has approved. These boards, like WonderBoard and Dura-Rock, consist of cement particles that are bonded between layers of fiberglass fabric. You can easily cut these boards to the shape of your choosing using a utility knife or, better still, a carbide-tipped scribing tool and bond them together with mortar.

Finishing Material

  • Once you have a sturdy core for your pellet stove pedestal, you will likely want to cover the drab, raw-looking underlay material with a more aesthetically pleasing finishing material. Possible options include ceramic tile, which is available in a wide array of sizes, colors and styles; and brick, which can help contribute to a classic, fireplace-style appearance. Instead of using real bricks, which can be a bit bulky, you may want to use faux bricks, or tiles that resemble bricks. For a more elegant and natural look for your pellet stove pedestal, use natural stone like marble or slate as a finishing material. While marble has a glossy surface that features streaks of color, slate has a dull surface that is relatively uniform in color.


  • The design of your pellet stove pedestal can be as simple or as complex as you want provided it can safely support the weight of the stove without being prone to tipping. One idea is to use all rounded elements in your design, in which case the base of the pedestal can be a large, flat circle, while the central structure can be a tall -- and in comparison to the base -- narrow cylinder. Alternatively you can create a pedestal with a square base and a tall, rectangular central structure. For a more utilitarian design, make a large, block-shaped pedestal that does not have a separate base and central structure.

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