Mini PE Based Tools


If something goes wrong with your computer, you are in danger of losing all of your information. A miniPE disc helps you back up and test your system even if you can't get your computer to start. Insert this bootable CD during Windows startup, and let it run. If you lost the CD that came with your computer, you can download a miniPE-based recovery program, and burn it to a disc.


  • The LiveXP version 10.11 is a bootable disc for the Windows XP operating system. It includes different tools, including the Character Map, Metapad and Office 2003 View. The tools for recovering your computer, however, are the main tools. These include the Active Partition Recovery. This tool scans the partitions on a computer to determine whether any are corrupt or infected with viruses. Disk partitioning involves breaking up a hard drive into multiple, independent virtual drives. The RecoverFiles tool tries to rescue as many of your files as it can, and TeraCopy is a utility for copying all of your files. The File Finder works in conjunction with the previous two tools to locate your lost files. This is a free program.

Rescue Disk

  • The Windows 7 PE Rescue Disk is only for the Windows 7 and .NET operating system, and it runs tests on your system to determine what caused it to crash. It backs and recovers lost data, and runs maintenance tasks. It fixes any bugs that it finds, and the program resets your Windows Password Lite for the Standard Edition. The Active FileRecovery tool helps you find and retrieve lost data, and the Active UNDELETE tool retrieves data that you accidentally deleted. To use this program, you need at least 1 gigabyte (GB) of random access memory (RAM).

PE Builder

  • This program is based on the miniPE system, but you can create your own bootable CD. The Bart PE Builder features a graphical user interface, which means that you can run commands using radio buttons and checkboxes. This is easier than using the Command Prompt. It allows you to connect to the Internet if you need to research information about your computer. It supports the following types of file systems: New Technology File System (NTFS), File Allocation Table (FAT) and CD file system (CDFS). The Bart PE Builder runs a virus scan on your computer to see if that caused the crash, and it recovers lost files. This program is compatible with Windows 2000, Server 2003 and XP.


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