Impacts of Road Construction

Roads that are under construction are an inconvenience to drivers because of detours and delays, along with cones, barrels and signs to be avoided. Drivers who refuse to slow down put everyone at risk. There are many issues involved with road construction, many of which are not good for the environment.

  1. Ecosystem

    • Road construction and maintenance alters the ecosystem because pollutants such as diesel are used which destroy roadside plants. To maintain the ecosystem, workers can mulch or remove plants for the course of construction. When construction is finished, plants can be returned, or the area can be seeded to restore it as close as possible to its original state.


    • Erosion, landslides, and sedimentation of streams can result from road construction. The new road can be designed, however, to minimize damage to the land and to the people and animals living on it. During construction, root channels, leaves, and decaying plant matter are removed and this results in erosion. An effort can be made to minimize harm to the sight, which lessens the incidence of erosion, according to the website

      Sedimentation, mass wasting and erosion can all be triggered when road building occurs on slopes. The natural drainage systems are disturbed when deep cuts are made into these slopes, explains

    Roadside Businesses

    • Road construction also impacts businesses along the roadway if customers don't have easy access.

    Rural Areas

    • Roadwork often results in disruption and loss of agriculture land, explains In rural areas, particularly, an impact on the water supply immediately impacts agriculture. Noise increases due to construction are also more accute.

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