Yamaha Serow 250 Specs

The Yamaha Serow motorcycle comes in either a 225 cc or 250 cc version. The 250 cc Serow is technically known as the XT250, and is designed for off-road use. The 250 cc model was released in 2005 as a 20th anniversary edition of the Serow XT225 model and is still being produced today. Since the bike is an off-road bike, it features a light frame, high and wide fenders to keep the mud off the driver and fork boots to prevent damage to the fork sliders.

  1. Engine

    • The Serow 250 is four-stroke, which means that the pistons take four strokes to complete an engine cycle. The bike has an engine of 249 cubic centimeters displacement with a single cylinder. The valves are controlled by a single overhead cam configuration. The engine is air–cooled and uses a Teikei 33 mm carburetor for fuel induction. Capacitor discharge ignition is used for the ignition system and the Serow has electric start.

      The bore and stroke of the engine, where the bore is the diameter of the engine cylinder opening, and stroke is the total distance the piston travels up and down, is 2.9 inches by 2.3 inches. The compression ratio is 9.5 to one, where the compression ratio is the ratio of the volume between the piston and cylinder head before and after a compression stroke.


    • The bike’s front suspension uses telescopic forks of 1.8-inch diameter and a travel of 8.9 inches. Travel means the free vertical distance the suspension can move up and down. The rear suspension uses a swing-arm with a rebound-adjustable single shock with a travel of 7.1 inches.

      The front brakes are discs of 9.6-inch diameter and the rear brake uses a disc of eight-inch diameter. The front tires are 2.75-21 size and the rear tires are 120/80-18 size.

      The bike uses a chain final drive system to transfer engine power to the rear wheel with five gears and a multi-disc wet clutch.


    • The XT250 weighs 291 pounds with oil and fuel added. The bike is 84.6 inches in length, 31.7 inches in width and 45.7 inches in height. As the Serow is designed for use off-road and on dirt-bike tracks, the bike has a high ground clearance of 11.2 inches.

      The wheelbase is 53.5 inches long and the seat is at a height of 31.9 inches. The fuel tank holds 2.4 gallons of fuel and the bike has an Environmental Protection Agency fuel economy rating of a whopping 73 miles per gallon.

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