National Nursing Home Week Activities

According to the American Health Care Association, National Nursing Home Week began in 1967 and is a time to celebrate seniors and those that care for them and make a positive impact on their daily lives. Nursing homes around the country are encouraged to engage the residents in creative and enriching activities during the week.

  1. Senior Open Mic Night

    • Have the seniors show off their best talent at an open mic night event. Seniors can sing, recite poetry, do a stand-up comedy routine or any perform any other talent they may have. Have some of the seniors act as the judges. Give special prizes for the top three performers, but have a small award for all participants. Invite friends and family of the seniors to the event as well.

    "Senior" Senior Prom

    • Throw a senior prom for the seniors to give them a night to feel young again. Coordinate a shopping trip to a local mall if they would like to buy new outfits a find a local hair salon that is willing to donate their time to offer hair and make up services. Decorate the space designated for the prom with prom decor from the generation when the majority of the residents were in high school. Have music or a live band playing the best hits from that era as well. Hire a photographer to take the classic prom pictures. Advertise the prom a few weeks in advance and have the residents campaign and vote for prom king and queen if they wish.

    Staff and Senior Appreciation Dinner

    • Host a special dinner for the seniors to show their appreciation for the staff of the nursing home. Allow residents to stand up in front of the room and publicly acknowledge a special caregiver who has been extra special to them throughout the year. Likewise, staff may acknowledge seniors who have had a special impact on them as well. Seniors can write cards to the staff or give them small gifts if they would like. Families of seniors can also participate to show their support of the staff that has been so dedicated to the care of their loved ones.

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