Bras That Add a Size

If you want to have larger breasts, you can achieve the illusion by choosing a bra that will make your bosom appear to be a cup size larger than it actually is. This is a whole lot easier, cheaper, and far less invasive than undergoing breast augmentation. And, if you ever change your mind, just stop wearing the size-enhancing bra and you can revert to your natural size.

  1. Air Bra

    • Consider purchasing an air bra, which provides wonderful volume because of its deluxe padding. This type of bra has adjustment technology built inside the bra that allows you to increase the air and your bust size, or decrease it. The bra is a push-up and can be worn various ways such as halter, criss-crossed or with both straps.

    Balcony Bra

    • Another possibility is the balcony bra, which is also referred to as the balconette bra. This bra provides far less coverage than a normal bra. It covers the nipples, ending right where the breast swells out from the chest. It lifts the top half of your breasts. The straps on a balcony bra are set wider apart than a typical bra, explains Providing less coverage than a demi bra, the result is comparable to a push up bra, but with a more separated look. It creates cleavage and is a good bra to wear under clothing with plunging necklines.

    Padded and/or Push Up Bra

    • Not every padded bra is a push up bra. Some padded bras consist of graduated padding that gets thicker at the base of the cup and provides a more rounded and natural look. If you simply want to look bigger, but not have your breasts hoisted up, opt for a padded bra that is not a push-up. Generally, padded cup bras are not made in full coverage styles because they emphasize the bust line and produce cleavage.

    Gel Pad Bras

    • Another size-enhancing bra is the push-up bra with gel pads that boost the size of your breast. If you want cleavage, this is the way you get it.


    • Instead of buying new bras, you can purchase enhancers that you put into your existing bra. One type of enhancer is the liquid version that adds fullness and cleavage. Tuck the liquid gel enhancers into the bottom of your bra, using lingerie tape to keep them in place. Silicone breast enhancers are also available. This type of enhancer will add a cup size. The enhancers are soft and natural looking and feeling and are slipped into your bra just as the gel enhancer is.

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