What Appliances Does FHA Require in the Kitchen to Close on a House?

A working stove is necessary to pass an FHA inspection.
A working stove is necessary to pass an FHA inspection. (Image: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

If you’re buying a home with an FHA loan, it will have to pass an inspection to meet the agency’s standards, which is much more rigorous than those performed by typical appraisers. FHA inspections concentrate on the occupants’ health and well-being as much as structural integrity and take into consideration items as diverse as evidence of rodent infestation to the presence of screens on all the windows. To pass an FHA inspection, a kitchen must be equipped for an occupant to prepare and cook a meal. The only appliance necessary to meet that requirement is a free-standing stove, although the kitchen must meet other requirements to get FHA approval.

Stove Requirements

The kitchen must contain a freestanding stove and oven unit. The unit can be gas or electric and has to be able to be checked to make sure it functions properly. Utilities to the house must be turned on to do this since the inspector will certify that the oven heats and burners on the stove fire as intended so the residents may meet the requirement of being able to prepare and cook a meal in the home.

Other Food Preparation Requirements

A functioning stove is only one part of the FHA’s requirement that a kitchen be ready to allow residents to make their own meals. Kitchens must feature a functioning sink, with sewage and potable water -- which must be checked by FHA inspectors -- although garbage disposals aren’t necessary to be present or working to pass the FHA walk-through. Kitchen counters are also necessary to provide occupants a surface on which they can prepare their meals.


An operable refrigerator isn’t necessary to meet FHA inspection standards. Although a kitchen should be designed so that a working refrigerator can be installed by homeowners, food storage doesn’t meet the FHA’s requirements for meal preparation.


A dishwasher needn’t be present, and if it’s there, it doesn’t need to be operable to pass an FHA inspection. The presence and operability of a dishwasher is, much like with the refrigerator, left up to negotiations between the buyer and seller.

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