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WindowBlinds, by Stardock, is a computer program designed to change the look and feel of the Windows User Interface. This program uses customizable themes called "Skins" to change everything about the Windows computing experience from the Start bar to the computer sounds and window appearance. Users themselves create many of the WindowBlinds themes, and they vary greatly in appearance and sophistication.

  1. Midori

    • Designed to produce a minimalized and elegant user interface, the Midori theme for WindowBlinds features natural greens and whites as menu background and window frame colors. Although designers created many themes for WindowBlinds exclusively for Windows XP compatibility, the Midori theme works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. If green is not your favorite color, the Midori theme also includes a grey color scheme change that you can activate in the WindowBlinds options menu. You can download the Midori theme for free at


    • The Future WindowBlinds theme takes full advantage of WindowBlinds capabilities and changes not only the look of the windows and wallpaper, but the sounds of the computer's activities and the animation for the start button. This WindowBlinds theme turns open windows and menus semi-transparent and includes a number of 3D wall papers. Future is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems.


    • One of the defining factors of Apple's Mac line of computers is the sleek look of the operating system. The look of the Apple operating system Mac OS X can be recreated for Windows computers using WindowBlinds. The Leopard Window Blinds Skin recreates the "Task Bar," windows, menus and start button of the Mac software and even includes a number of Apple wallpapers while still retaining all Windows functions. The recreated look does not include the Mac object dock in the WindowBlinds theme, but you can download it separately as Stardock Object Dock.

    7 Plus

    • This WindowBlinds theme is a variation on the default Windows 7 operating system interface. The WindowBlinds theme features menus, windows and a task bar that it has converted to glass. This along with a "Minimize to Tray" option gives the 7 Plus theme a sleek look that maximizes viewing area on the computer.

    The Matrix Extreme

    • Based on the look of the popular film, the Matrix Extreme WindowBlinds theme includes altered icons, animated toolbar and processing cursor, animated start button and several Matrix wallpapers.

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