Firewood Rack Ideas


A fireplace is a gift to any home. One challenge of having a fireplace is finding an ideal place to store all the firewood. You need a rack that is spacious, sturdy and that will protect the firewood from moisture. A firewood rack prevents you from having to stack your firewood on the ground, which makes it vulnerable to decay and insects.

Outdoor Firewood Rack

  • The simplest outdoor firewood rack is the kind that somewhat resembles a basic metal book shelf without the shelves. You can build or purchase a rack like this that is as big or as small as you need it to be. Rustproof metal bars create a cage for the firewood, with a sheet at the bottom. You stack pieces of wood one on top of the other until the metal frame is full. Most of these racks come with a canvas cover to protect the top of the structure, keeping the wood dry during the rain. Many homeowners position this rack against the side of their home to protect the back end of the firewood from the elements as well.

Mobile Firewood Rack

  • A mobile firewood rack resembles the type of dolly you would see at a supermarket. It consists of metal bars that envelop the wood and rest upon wheels, allowing you to store firewood off the ground and then move it at a moment's notice. These racks are usually smaller than stationary outdoor racks, though bigger than most indoor racks that sit beside the fireplace. This mobile rack allows you to store it anywhere, and you can even bring it with you when you're collecting firewood, eliminating the need to carry it.

Modern Firewood Rack

  • The Italian company AK47 has created a modern firewoood rack designed for urban spaces that don't have a lot of room to store firewood or access to outdoor areas to keep firewood. The company created the Flex modern firewood rack chair. The chair consists of "a flexible sheet of hardened steel that curves around your wood pile to resemble a piece of fabric" states the website, an online home decorating trends magazine. You can manipulate the steel to take on several shapes. For example, by putting the screws in different places you can create an egg-shaped or a flame-shaped sitting area. Whatever shape you create, there is always plenty of room to store your firewood in the interior of the seat.

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