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One way for human resources departments to increase job satisfaction is to recognize employees for jobs well done. Present special employees with an award and decorate a bulletin board or display board in their honor. Various kinds of service can be commended to create a sense of company unity and pride. Place displays where workers (and maybe customers) frequent.

Years of Service

  • Honor longtime employees (often in increments of every five or 10 years). Establish a gift and award for specific years of service. Gifts should become more expensive as years of service increase. Hang on the display board a large picture of the employee with his award and gift. Above, place in large words: "Thanks for (a number) Years of Service!" Include a collage of workplace photos of the employee through the years. Take pictures yearly around the office just for this occasion. Post a paragraph about the individual (spouse, kids, education, positions held at work), and hang a marker on the display so coworkers can write congratulatory messages or fond memories.

Customer Service

  • Good customer service is vital to any business. Applaud excellent customer service with an award and decorated bulletin board. Place this display where customers frequent, because it requires their participation. On the board, hang a box for customers to place positive comments about employees who display memorable customer service. Supervisors can also pick recipients from emails, letters or in-person visits from happy customers. Hang a photo of the employee with her award beneath the header: "Service with a Smile." Surround the photo with heartfelt messages from customers and words (in large print) that describe the employee.

Quality of Service

  • Recognize employees who provide exceptional service in their job positions. This can mean workers who produce high-quality (or quantity of) work with no errors or a group of workers who complete a major project. Post a picture of the group or individual with the award underneath the large title: "Quality Matters." Post a copy or photo of the work. Include a paragraph explaining the importance of the particular work being recognized.

Top Sellers

  • Present top salespeople for each semester or year with an award and decorate a board titled "Excellence in Sales." Display photos of all salespeople who reached or exceeded a goal. Next to each picture, indicate the amount sold. The highest seller gets a bigger award and a larger picture on the board. Have her submit a few pointers for successful selling, and display these on the board along with a brief biography. This is a nice incentive to produce a strong sales team.

Workplace Improvement

  • Acknowledge employees who find ways to improve the workplace for customers and workers. Award an employee whose idea has been put into place and brought positive results. Place a suggestion box in the break room inviting employees to submit ideas. Post the employee's picture on a display board underneath the words: "What a Bright Idea!" Include an explanation of the idea and its significance. Hang messages of thanks from executives and supervisors, and list past awarded ideas.

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