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The Ford 351W was an engine developed by the Ford Motor Company. Many of the 351W engines were produced in the Ford factory located in Windsor, Canada. Ford began manufacturing the engines in 1969 and continued using the engine in Ford vehicles until 1995. The Ford 351W was used in a variety of vehicles, from the Mustang to the F350.

History of the Engine

  • Prior to the introduction of the 351W, Ford Motor Company had been using the Y-block engine. The Y-block was a V-8 automobile piston engine that the company began manufacturing in 1954. The Y-block frequently experienced oiling problems in the rocker shafts, so in 1962, Ford replaced the Y- block with the 351W engine in smaller automobiles and with the Ford FE engine in larger vehicles. (The "W" in 351W stood for Windsor.) Ford produced the 351W until 1995, when it was replaced by the 4.6-liter modular engine.

351W Evolution

  • The 351W had a longer stroke than other Windsor engines because it was was built on a taller deck. The earlier 351Ws were carbureted, but in later years, Ford developed an engine that used fuel injection. The 351W engine was used in Mustangs, Mercury Cougars and Montegos.

1969 Ford 351W Specifications

  • The early 351W was an 8-cylinder engine with a 351 cubic-inch displacement. The engine produced 300 horsepower at 5,400 rpm. The 1969 Ford 351W displayed a maximum torque of 380 foot-pounds at 3,500 rpm.

1994 Ford 351W Specifications

  • The later 351W engine was credited with propelling faster trucks. In 1994, the torque reached an all-time high of 325 foot-pounds in the Ford F150, but the horsepower of the 351W was lowered to 210. A special high-output 5.8-liter engine was also introduced by the company for use in the Ford Lightning sport truck. The truck had 250 horsepower and 350 foot-pounds of torque. The truck was also equipped with high-flowing GT40 heads, resulting in one of the swiftest trucks in Ford history.

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