What Causes Belly Fat on Women?


Stress, overeating, ingesting fattening food items and a lack of physical exercise can all cause fat to accumulate around your midsection. You don't have to allow these causes of belly fat to rob you of a healthier and trimmer you. You can take steps to prevent adding to your belly fat and to reduce what is already there.


  • Mehmet Oz, an M.D. who wrote, "YOU on a diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management," says that one cause of belly fat on women is stress, according to Fitness Magazine. According to Oz, stressful situations motivate your body to hoard fats, placing them in the most convenient storage site on the body: your belly. As your stress level climbs, Dr. Oz says your body stores the fat to protect against it. Reducing stress, he says, can reduce belly fat accumulation. One way to reduce stress in your life is to incorporate some type of relaxation activity into your schedule. This can include daily spiritual quiet time, some form of noncompetitive exercise or even massage. Replacing your pantry supply of fattening food snacks with healthy choices, instead, is also a way to reduce belly fat if you tend to stress eat.

Overeating and Fattening Items

  • Belly fat can't be stockpiled if you don't overeat or ingest fattening foods in the first place. Stop skipping meals, which can cause you to binge eat later. Don't gorge on junk food when you don't have time to eat a meal. Instead, prepare healthy low-cal snacks in advance to avoid overeating and choosing fattening, handy food items when time is limited for meals.

    Reduce your daily calorie intake by a minimum of 100 calories a day to help get rid of the belly fat you may already have. Do this by choosing to rid your diet of the most fattening calories you consume each day, such as one soda, a daily sweet or your glass of wine in the evening.

Lack of Exercise

  • Your body must have food as fuel in order to perform its daily internal functions, as well as to have the energy to perform physical activities like walking and working. But regular exercise helps you rid your body of any extra fuel you don't need for these functions. A lack of exercise, on the other hand, will result in an accumulation of fat on your body, which tends to go to the belly more often than not. Dr. Oz says that a mere 10 minutes of day of physical activity can help reduce that possibility.

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