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Prank calling someone at home has gone the way of the dodo bird, primarily because so many people use only a cell phone. That doesn't mean you need to give up pranks completely, you just need to switch to using the cell phone. Many of the pranks require getting the phone away from the owner first. You'll also need to get more people involved to successfully pull off one of these cell phone pranks.

Change Contacts

  • Decide on a theme ahead of time, such as characters from the "Harry Potter" books or characters from the "Star Wars" franchise. It's helpful to pick a book series or movie that the cell phone owner knows. Arrange to get the phone away from the person. Take it while they're sleeping or borrow it when they aren't looking. Change all of the contacts in the phone with one of the book or movie character names and then put the phone back. Get as many people as possible to start calling and texting the person. They'll easily spend the day trying to figure out who each caller is and fixing their contacts.

Wrong Number Prank

  • For the wrong number prank, you need help from friends and relatives of the cell phone owner. You can also get your own friends involved and other people who don't know the call recipient. Pick a name, such as Scott or Donald, and have everyone start calling the phone at random intervals, asking for that person. You can even have people call and ask about delivery or shipping costs or just begin asking questions about a random product. The person getting the calls will go crazy trying to figure out why strange people keep calling. Make sure that everyone knows to block their number beforehand. It's not as funny if his contacts start calling and trying to pull a prank, especially if he has their number saved in the phone.

Hide the Phone

  • For a classic cell phone prank, hide the person's cell phone in a completely unexpected place. Hide the phone in a cookie jar, buried in the cabinet with the cleaning supplies or tucked behind a stack of books on the bookshelf. Arrange for others to call the phone at intervals of five to 10 minutes. The person getting the calls will tear apart the house trying to figure out who's calling and where the phone is hidden. Try hiding it somewhere the person never looks.


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