The Parts of a Computer for Kids


A computer is made up of components that work together like a team to accept input, process data and display results on your screen. Basic computer components consist of a tower or cpu, which contains the computer's internal parts, a mouse and keyboard for input and a monitor for viewing results of your input.


  • The tower or "cpu" (central processing unit) holds the internal parts of the computer, such as the motherboard, memory and processor. Just as a car engine is made up of parts that power the car, these internal parts all work together to power the computer and to speed up the processing of data. On the back of the tower are sockets to connect all of the other components to the computer and a power cord to connect the tower to an electrical socket.


  • The monitor resembles a TV set and works in much the same way. It allows you to view the results of input entered using the mouse and keyboard and to view web pages and photos. The monitor connects to the tower through a cord plugged into the back of the tower and also has a power cord that must be plugged into an electrical socket. Controls on the front of the monitor include a power button to turn the monitor on and off and knobs or switches to adjust the quality of the display.


  • The computer keyboard resembles a typewriter and has keys with numbers and letters on them. The keyboard allows you to input text to issue commands to the computer's internal operating system. It is also used when typing letters or stories into a word-processing program and to compose emails.


  • The mouse is yet another input device which, when connected to the computer, causes a pointer or cursor to appear on the screen, enabling one to navigate around the various programs and web pages displayed on the monitor. By moving the mouse, one can move the cursor to select an input point for text entered via the keyboard, or to click on a link in a web page.

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