Washington State Health Insurance Companies

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You have several options for health care insurance in Washington State. To select the best option for your family, compare insurance plans and premium rates. In August 2010, the Washington State Insurance Commissioner said that his office intends to use a $1.2 million award "to improve its review of health insurance rates and increase transparency for the public." In keeping with the effort to provide transparency, the commissioner's office stores insurance plans and premium rate comparisons on its website.

Asuris Northwest Health

  • Serving the eastern Washington community, Asuris Northwest Health offers medical and dental plans for individuals and employers. Offerings for individual health care coverage include "Core", "Plus," "HSA" and "HSA100" plans. Each plan has several deductible options, and the company waives deductible amounts for preventative care in the "Core" and "Plus" Plans. In addition to the standard plans, Asurius offers "Self-Managed" plans for employer--groups. Self-Managed plans provide employee incentives for participation in wellness programs and taking initiatives to improve overall health.

    Asuris Northwest Health

    P.O. Box 91130

    Seattle, WA 98111-9230



First Choice Health

  • Physicians and hospitals own First Choice Health, a health insurer offering health insurance services and products to Washington and neighboring states since 1985. First Choice Health boasts a large PPO network with over 42,000 credentialed providers. In addition to health promotion services, the company features a complete employee health management program, which consists of medical and disease management, and HAS, FSA and HRA administration for local and regional employer-groups. As a member of First Choice Health, you never need to complete a claim form because, as a PPO network provider, your provider submits your claim information directly to First Choice.

    First Choice Health

    One Union Square

    600 University Street, Suite 1400

    Seattle, WA 98101



Premera Blue Cross

  • Established in 1998, Premera Blue Cross is a health care coverage and service provider for permanent residents of Washington---except Clark County. As of 2010, Premera's network consists of 100 hospitals throughout Washington and 20,000 health care professionals. The insurer's individual health plan offerings include the "Heritage Protector Plus," "Heritage Value," "Heritage Preferred Plus 30," and "Heritage Preferred Plus 20" plans with services provided by the Heritage network. The "Preferred" plans offer coverage for routine checkups and preventative care, while the "Proctector" plans offer coverage for catastrophic illnesses. The "Value" plans are economical plans offering illness and injury protection but do not have coverage for preventative care. National and international travel insurance options are also available through "BlueCard" program, which allows access to participating Blue Cross providers across the country.

    Premevera Blue Cross

    P.O. Box 327, MS 254

    Seattle, WA 98111-0327




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