List of Internet Servers

When it comes to Internet servers, there are many options: you can choose high-speed DSL Internet, cable service or wireless Internet service. The prices and services vary according to where you are located. You are no longer restricted simply to land line service through your telephone provider. Satelllite service is also an option.

  1. DSL Providers

    • DSL is a step above dial-up Internet service, and comes in many different speeds. Your monthly fee will vary depending on the speed you choose. DSL is offered through many phone companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Clear.

    Cable Internet

    • Receiving Internet service through your cable provider can consolidate your cable and your Internet into one bill. Providers such as Time Warner, Charter and Comcast can help you find the right cable service for you. Cable Internet is faster than DSL and provides quicker download times.

    Satellite Internet

    • Satellite service is a good option for people that live in the country or outside most service areas. The speeds are roughly the same as DSL service. You will need to purchase some equipment so this could be more expensive than other types of Internet service. Providers include DirectTV, Dish Network and Skyway USA.

    Wireless Service

    • Wireless servers are perfect for people on the go using laptops or phone devices that have Internet access. Sometimes you can get wireless service through your DSL provider such as AT&T. Other servers include T-Mobile and Clearwire. Make sure you are in a "hot spot" in order to connect to your Internet service.

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