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Home football workouts provide an intense cardiovascular and physically demanding workout for both football athletes and individuals seeking to improve their fitness. The off-season is an opportunity for football players to increase endurance, explosive dynamic power, and quick reflex skills. These skills are also easily adaptable for other sports which make them highly useful.

A wide variety of drills and exercises used by both college football programs and NFL teams are replicable at home with relative ease and just a few items.


  • The University of Southern California's Football Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris Carlisle, recommends plyometrics to increase dynamic agility. Plyometrics are drills that train your muscles to stretch, contract, and explode with power.

    High Knees: Stand vertically with feet at shoulder width. Lift each knee separately to your chest or as high and quickly as possible. When your leg hits the ground immediately lift the opposite knee to your chest. Your arms should be pumping continuously. You should appear as if you are sprinting in place. Try 10 seconds with 30 seconds rest and repeat five times.

    Burpees-Stand with your knees bent and with both hands on the ground. Move both legs backwards into a push-up position. Immediately bring both knees towards your chest and stand up. This entire motion should be done as quickly as possible. Try to perform this for 30 seconds with 1 minute rest for 5 minutes.

Sprint workout

  • "Suicide Sprint" drills are an excellent exercise to improve dynamic and explosive speed.

    Find a space in a back yard (a drive way is fine) and draw six lines that are six yards apart. You can use chalk or cones to make the markers. After an easy jog or warm-up routine, begin this drill by standing at the first line. Sprint as fast as possible to the second line, touch it, and return as fast as possible to the starting line. Once you reach the starting line, sprint to the third line, touch it, and run back to the starting line and repeat until you reach all lines.

Upper Body Conditioning

  • Improving upper body strength is critical for football success. You can work upper body muscles with this push-up circuit:

    Wide arm push-up: Move your elbows as far out as possible with your hands directly under them. Push up, extending as high as possible and back down. Repeat 10 times and perform three sets with a 30 second break in between each repetition.

    Close arm push-up: Bring your hands as close as possible, touching both thumbs and the first index fingers together. This will form an oval or diamond shape between both hands. Push up, extending as high as possible and back down. Repeat 10 times and perform three sets with a 30 second break in between each repetition.

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