Beach Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos are a form of self expression sometimes used to display personal tastes, such as favorite musical bands, flowers, names of family members or elements of the beach. If you are thinking of choosing a tattoo with a beach theme, start by thinking about what it is that most attracts you to the sea.

Palm Trees

  • Palm trees are popular tattoos. Spice up the traditional palm tree by making it a color other than green. Use any color significant or symbolic of your personality. There is no limitation color when it comes to getting a palm tree tattoo. What's your signature color? Pink palm trees, purple coconuts, orange palm fronds-they're all part of the creativity that goes into a tattoo. Show your gay pride with a rainbow palm tree. Or interweave a loved one's name onto the tree trunk.


  • If your favorite part about going to the beach is watching the blazing sunset over a calm sea, have that setting tattooed to remember it always. Have the artist tattoo calm waters, with a few ripples, and the reflection of the sun as it's setting. A sky with purple or pink hues can show dusk for a more serene scene. Bursting oranges and reds can make a more dramatic statement.

Sea Life

  • If your favorite part of the beach is the sea life, show it on your tattoo. Create a sleeve on your arm comprised of your favorite fish or ocean wildlife among coral reefs and vegetation. The colors of the coral and the fish will help bring your tattoo to life. Put yourself snorkeling or scuba-diving in the scene to commemorate special times. All sea creatures lend themselves to tattoo beauty, including dolphins, sharks, starfish and octopuses.

Beach Leisure

  • Relaxing on the sand, out of the water, may be your idea of a day at the beach, so a classic beach scene might be the perfect tattoo for you. A blanket on the ground, next to a beach chair and umbrella not only displays your love of the beach, but relax you every time you look at it. Try different colors for a variation of this standard or combine the beach scene with the sunset and palm scenes.

Childhood Nostalgia

  • Building sand castles, digging in the sand with plastic shovels, collecting sea shells and playing with beach balls are all memories many of us have. If those are some of your favorite memories, incorporate them into your beach tattoo. Conjure up a special sandcastle you built (if even if only in your dreams) and describe it to the tattoo artist. Your imagination holds the key to beautiful tattoos.

Beach Sports

  • If your love of the beach is based on your love of beach sports, such as volleyball, surfing or frisbee, incorporate those items into your tattoo. Balls and boards can easily make tattoos on their own or can be combined with a sunset or wildlife image.

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