What Works to Clean Mildew Off Walls in a Garage?


Mildew is a variety of fungus that is a necessary part of nature, but it is a nuisance if it gets into your home. Mildew commonly grows in areas that have excess moisture and little ventilation, such as a bathroom, basement or garage. A variety of methods will remove mildew from the walls in your garage. Unless you solve your moisture problem, however, the mildew will return and continue to grow. Install a dehumidifier to prevent mildew from coming back.


  • Bleach is a commonly used ingredient in many professional mildew removal products. The bleach loosens the mildew's grip on the walls so that you can scrub it away. Bleach is especially useful for cleaning garage walls that are also caked in oil and grease. To use bleach spray the bleach-based cleaner on the walls, and let it sit for several minutes. Scrub the walls until you remove the mildew. Use a soft-bristled brush if you have smooth walls and a medium-bristled brush if you have cinderblock walls. If you have cinderblock, leave the bleach-based cleaner on the walls longer to allow it to soak into all of the nooks and crannies. Be aware that some people are sensitive to bleach-based cleaners and may experience mild allergy-like symptoms when using it.


  • Vinegar is another solution that can remove mildew from garage walls. Unlike bleach, vinegar will not pollute your home's environment with harsh fumes and chemicals. To use vinegar, spray white distilled vinegar on the walls, and let it sit for several hours, which is especially useful in your garage as vinegar has a very strong smell that you may not tolerate in your home. Open your garage doors if the smell is very strong. After a few hours the mildew should successfully loosen from the garage walls, and you can scrub and wipe it away.

Soap and Water

  • If your mildew growth is relatively mild, a simple mixture of soap and water will loosen its grip on the garage walls, and you can scrub it or simply wipe it away. To use soap and water, mix warm water with several tsp. of liquid dishwashing detergent. Do not use laundry detergent as it will leave a film on the walls. Apply the solution to the garage walls with a sponge, and let it sit for several minutes. Scrub the walls, and remove as much of the mildew as possible.

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