Linux Compatible Laptops

Even though many laptop computers come from the manufacturer with Microsoft operating systems, there are very few restrictions on which computers can have Linux installed. Linux is available in many varieties, known as distributions, that are tailored for specific applications. Additionally, Linux can be installed on a flash drive for total portability between laptops, desktops and server installations. Where performance and dependability are crucial, Linux is a sound alternative to traditional operating systems.

  1. Major Brands

    • Linux is able to configure your laptop so you can "just turn it on and it works."
      Linux is able to configure your laptop so you can "just turn it on and it works."

      Dell is one of the best known computer makers in the United States, and dedicates a page on their website to Linux Ubuntu as it is used on their selection of laptops. Linux is built on the principles of portability, meaning it is designed to work on any computer with the minimum RAM and performance abilities, regardless of the manufacturer. Acer, HP, Sony and Compaq are only a sampling of the more than fifty makers listed by Linux on Laptops, a website dedicated to promoting the operating system.

    Special Distributions

    • Linux can be tailored to fit specific educational or language requirements.
      Linux can be tailored to fit specific educational or language requirements.

      Linux can be designed for very specific uses, such as Edubuntu, a variant of Ubuntu with a focus on educational tools, games and accessories. Linux distributions are used on grant and philanthropic projects such as One Laptop Per Child because they focus on the needs of the user and for their compatibility with a wide range of laptop architecture. Linux is an Open Source operating system, which means that literally thousands of people from all over the world work on parts of the system to keep it secure. A consequence of this is that some versions, such as Ubuntu and it's variants, are capable of using any one of dozens of languages right out of the box.

    Platforms and Portability

    • Linux is available for Apple laptops, including Macs.
      Linux is available for Apple laptops, including Macs.

      Some varieties of Linux, such as Canonical's Ubuntu, are available in scaled down netbook editions that provide only the services required for the computer it is installed on and offer superb power management capabilities. Linux distributions are also available for Mac computers, replacing the traditional Mac OS X with any of several Linux distributions, including the Business-oriented RedHat Linux.

    Flash Drives and Live CDs

    • Linux is portable, allowing laptops to boot from external devices.
      Linux is portable, allowing laptops to boot from external devices.

      For the ultimate in portability, Linux can be installed on flash drives or memory cards and used to boot any computer that supports booting from external devices. Ubuntu is available for download in a Bootable CD called a Live CD that can either be run directly from the CD or used to install the operating system on any computer. Because of the robustness built into Linux, these CD's are capable of literally running a laptop and any peripheral devices "out-of-the-box" without time-consuming and confusing configuration files and endless searches for current drivers.

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