The Properties of Hematite Stones

Hematite worn as jewelry can instill healing properties.
Hematite worn as jewelry can instill healing properties. (Image: hematite beads image by Raxxillion from

Hematite is taken from a Greek word meaning “blood." Hematite stones are made from the mineral hematite. It is mined all over the world and is the state mineral of Alabama. The stones can be made into jewelry, and is historically used for what some believe are magical and protective properties.

Physical Properties

Hematite is a mineral derived from iron oxide. The color of hematite ranges from red or brown, to gray or off-black. Whatever the color, there is usually a red streak in the stone. The mineral hematite is found on the planet Mars and is responsible for the reddish color dominant on the planet.

Healing Properties

While there is no scientific evidence, hematite is thought by new age healers to have certain healing properties when placed against the body. It is said to reduce stress and strengthen the body, and aid in the treatment of blood disorders. Stone healers use hematite as a blood purifier by placing the stone on the area of the body that is in need of healing or wearing jewelry made of hematite for ongoing healing. According to the Charms of Light website, hematite can help enhance focus and concentration, aid in the treatment of leg cramps, can help insomnia by calming the mind, and promotes the absorption of iron and the creation of red blood cells.

Legendary Properties

The ancient Egyptians used hematite when carving protection amulets and also used the mineral in burial ceremonies in the headrest so the deceased would be somewhat raised up to face the afterlife. Some inscriptions in the ancient "Book of the Dead" were inscribed with hematite and is believed to have protective properties in the afterlife. According to experts at The Mystic Eye website, ancient Egyptians believed hematite could treat illnesses such as hysteria and inflammation and believed it could cause negative energy to be reversed into positive energy, such as love, and even improve your memory and help boost self esteem. The ancient Greeks believed hematite contained mythical properties linked to invincibility.

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