Fun Games to Play at a Slumber Party

Kids love slumber parties because they get to stay up late and hang out with their friends. If you are hosting a slumber party for your child's friends, plan for some fun games for them to play. Games will help keep all the children occupied so that no one gets bored. They are also usually good for some laughs.

  1. Sleeping Bag Guessing Game

    • Play this game after everyone has rolled out their sleeping bags for the night. One child is "it" and she leaves the room. While she is gone, all the girls get into someone else's sleeping bag and cover themselves completely up. Then, the child who is "it" comes back and has to guess who is in each sleeping bag only by touching them. Let each child have a turn at being "it."

    Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

    • Split the party guests into two groups and have an adult stay with each group. Give each group a list of items, such as a newspaper from last week, a coupon and a refrigerator magnet. The groups have to go to homes around the neighborhood and ask for the items. The adult is there to make sure the kids only go to homes of people you know. It's also nice if you call ahead and clear this with your neighbors. If you don't like the neighborhood idea, give the groups lists of items they can find in your home or yard.

    Robe Game

    • Split the kids into groups of two. Give one of the pair a large bathrobe to put on. Then, he has to hold hands with his partner and try to take off the robe and get it onto his partner without breaking the hand hold. The first pair to finish wins. Whether the kids win or not, this game always results in giggles.

    Blind Touch

    • Get an assortment of items, such as a stuffed animal, a comb, fake slime and anything else you can think of that will be fun for this game. Blindfold the kids, or turn off the lights if the room will be dark enough. Then pass around the items and let the kids guess what they are. The child that gets the most correct wins.

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