Scary Birthday Party Ideas


Most birthday parties share the same elements: cake, presents and playing a few games. If you feel like thinking outside the box for the next birthday party you plan, consider a scary theme. That way, as you celebrate the birth of someone dear, you can also scare the living daylights out of your guests.


  • For any truly scary birthday party, you need to set the start time at night. Tell the birthday boy or girl to hide in the backyard while you invite the guests inside the house. Explain to your guests that the birthday person has gone missing. Give each guest a flashlight and ask them to go find her. If you have volunteers handy, have them pop out of random areas to scare the guests during the search. Once they find the birthday person, continue with the rest of the party. If you plan on throwing a surprise party, tell all the guests to hide before the birthday person arrives. Leave a note for the birthday person that suggests the guests are hiding around the house and that she has to find them.

Decorations and Atmosphere

  • Scary parties need to have scary decorations based on a creepy or spooky theme. If you have an interest in vampires or werewolves, use decorations that capture that mood. For instance, you can place goblets filled with fake blood around the house or fake claw marks on the walls. Try playing the sounds of wolves howling or organ music to set the mood.

    If you want to stay in line with the "missing birthday person" premise, create a crime scene out of the party space. Surround the area with caution tape. Splatter fake blood around the house and play a video of the "missing birthday person" saying she fears for her life. Then, attach pictures of the birthday person to the walls with the words "Missing. Call 555-5555 for any information."

Games and Activities

  • Using the same party theme, come up with some entertaining but spooky games and activities. If your party theme centers around ghosts, play a game called "Ghost Detective," where you send one player out of the room and then place a sheet over another player. The first player comes back and has to guess whom you hid under the sheet. Other activities include playing with a Ouija board or holding a seance to "wake the dead." Hold a scary story contest and let your participants come up with the most thrilling stories to keep your party guests on edge. Head outside for a nighttime scavenger hunt, making sure to decorate the landscape with fake tombstones and creepy sights along the way.

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