Invitation Ideas for a Hollywood Theme Party

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Glitz and glamour abound at a Hollywood theme party.

Whether your friends and family members are super stars or you just think they are, invite them to a Hollywood theme party. Get guests started on the right foot by creating a glitzy invitation. Instead of a generic store-bought invitation, make your attendees feel like they're celebrities hounded by paparazzi---and that you can't wait until they make their presence at your "A List" event.

  1. VIP Treatment

    • Trade the idea of a traditional invitation for a frequent Hollywood accessory, the VIP pass. Celebrities wear or flash the passes to break through barriers at award ceremonies, concerts and special events---guests at your Hollywood theme party can do the same. Prepare a VIP pass invitation with all the traditional party details, including the date of the event, time and location, plus what to wear. Use a computer to create the passes or draw them by hand. If you have a home laminating machine, run the passes through it. Otherwise, create a laminated look by covering the paper with contact paper. Punch a hole through the top of the pass and clip onto a lanyard, colorful ribbon or set of beads.

    Hooray for Hollywood

    • The Hollywood sign---an iconic structure that towers above California---originally spelled "Hollywoodland" as a way to advertise a new housing community. The sign has since lost its "land" and gained a reputation as the gateway to the glitz and glamour associated with Tinsel Town. While the sign's letters 30 feet by 50 feet size are a too large to fit in your recipients' mailboxes, scale down the sign and make it work as a creative invitation. Download a picture of the sign or cut out the letters and glue them to a sheet of poster board. On each of the letters, write one of the important party details such as "Black Tie Required" or "Dress as your favorite movie star." Another option is to download a free copy of the actual Hollywood font from a website such as So Stars Fonts and use it to write your invitation.

    Real Red Carpet

    • Stars on the Hollywood circuit may be used to stepping out of their limousines and onto the red carpet, but chances are, your guests may not have had that experience. Get them excited for your party by sending out red carpet party invitations. Secure carpet remnants---small pieces of leftover cut carpets---from a local carpet store or online remnant vendor. You'll find just about every shade of red available. Use the flat, canvas backside of the remnant to attach an index card with information about the party, including the Hollywood theme, date details and how to RSVP. You may also be able to purchase a strip of red carpet, such as a carpet runner or stair tread, and request the store slice it for you on site. Invitees will feel closer to Hollywood with their first brush with a red carpet.

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