Hairstyles for Oblong-Shaped Faces

A flattering hairstyle for someone who has a longer, oblong-shaped face is one that breaks up the structure of the face through the use different layers, texture and fullness in the hair. Full-body hairstyles on longer faces help to add fullness to the face, which creates the illusion that the face is shorter. With a creative cut and different styling tricks, you can find the perfect style for your facial shape.

  1. Short Hairstyle

    • If you wish to have a short hairstyle, choose a style that will allow you to create waves and features textured layers around your face. This type of shorter hairstyle is flattering on a oblong-shaped face. By creating fullness around the face, especially around the cheekbones, you'll be adding shape to the length of the face. You can also add bangs to the style, which will make your face look shorter since the cut will help to hide some of the forehead. If you're not ready for a completely blunt-cut bang, consider adding side-swept, longer bangs.

    Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

    • A cut that falls at the shoulder or a few inches below is a great look for an oblong-shaped face, especially if it is styled the right way. You want to add volume to the cut with layering. Also, you want to make sure that you never part this style down the middle of your head, which will make your face appear even longer. Find the natural part in your hair, then part it a half-inch to an inch to either side of that part. This will automatically add a little more fullness to one side of the face. Also, adding side-swept bangs to this style will help this style look even more flattering.

    Long Hairstyles

    • A long hairstyle doesn't always work well on an oblong face shape. Longer hair usually makes the face look longer, since the eye follows the hair down and makes people perceive that the face is longer as well. However, if you love your long locks, you can pull this look off. Make sure your hair can hold plenty of volume by cutting layers into it which will help to reduce the weight that holds hair down at the crown of the head. Also, cutting angles into the hair that frames your face will help to make your face appear shorter.

    Styling Products

    • Using the right styling products can make all the difference, especially when most hairstyles that complement oblong facial shapes should have volume. You can find different collagen-infused mousses and gels to style your hair with at your local beauty salon. Collagen-infused styling products bind to individual strands of your hair and actually make it thicker for the time that the product is in your hair. The volume appears natural and you can easily style your hair. Collagen is water-soluable, so it will rinse off in the shower. Spray the product into your hand and work it from the root to the tip of your hair after you shower while the hair is still wet. Then, blowdry and style your hair as usual.

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