Cell Phone Web Browsers That View Flash Websites

There is a war going on in the world of mobile web browsing. Most famously in 2010, the browser on Apple's iPhone mobile smart phone does not allow users to view web sites that employ Flash content. Flash is a very popular plugin from Adobe that allows web designers to present content, especially video and interactive animation, without the hassle of managing the various formats and encoding that would traditionally be required by web browsers. But with the popularity of mobile phones as a means to surf the web, there are more options for people to use in order to view Flash content.

  1. SkyFire

    • SkyFire is an independently developed web browser with versions available for free for Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian mobile operating systems. One of the major selling points it lists is its ability to render Flash content. The browser actually works by rendering much of a website's content on a separately managed server, which then sends the data to the mobile phone.

    Opera Mobile

    • Opera is one of the more popular browser applications available on traditional computers. Its Opera Mobile browser has become one of the more popular browsers for mobile platforms despite not being free. Opera Mobile has supported Flash rendering in various incarnations since the release of version 8.65 in 2007.

    Internet Explorer Mobile

    • The mobile version of Microsoft's flagship web browser features support for Flash Lite in version 6, released in 2008. Flash Lite is not a full-featured version of the web software but it does support some of the basic features of Flash such as ActionScript, video and Scalable Vector Graphics.

    Flash Player Mobile

    • Flash Player Mobile is not a web browser but strictly a media player for Flash-based applications. As of August 2010, it is only available for Windows Mobile phones and Pocket PCs. It costs $19.95, though there is a free version that freezes playback every minute.

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