Fun Free Birthday Party Games for Girls


If you are throwing a birthday party for a group of girls, it's a good idea to have some fun activities planned to keep them occupied so they don't get bored. Birthday party games can be simple and require little to no prep work for the party host. Consider the girl's personalities to be sure you pick games and activities that all the girls will have fun with.

Nail Polish Spin

  • For girls who enjoy playing with cosmetics and beauty products, the Nail Polish Spin game is sure to be a big hit. Place different colors of nail polish in a basket. Be creative and use fun colors, such as neon orange, bright green, pretty blues. The girls sit in a circle and the birthday girl chooses a nail polish from the basket. She places it in the middle of the group and spins it around. The girl the top of the nail polish points to takes the nail polish and paints one fingernail that shade. The birthday girl passes the nail polish basket to the right and the game continues until the girls have lots of colorful fingernails.

Unicorn Relay

  • Make large unicorn cutouts from poster board, one for each girl. Hang the unicorns side-by-side on a wall. Cut the same number of different colored streamers into two-foot sections. Line the girls up in two single-file lines about 10 yards (or the largest indoor space you have) from the unicorns. When you say go, the first girl in each line races to her unicorn, tapes her streamer to her unicorn's mane, runs back to the line and tags the next girl in line, who continues the race. The first team to tape all its manes onto the unicorn wins.

Hula Hoop Game

  • Split the girls into two or three teams, depending on how many girls are at the party. Have the girls in each team stand in a single file line and hold hands. Give each team a hula hoop. The teams must get every girl through the hula hoop while holding hands. If they let go, they have to start over. The first team to get the hula hoop to the end of the line wins.This game is fun and silly and will be full of giggles.

Blind Makeovers

  • Split the girls into teams of two. One team member is blindfolded and puts makeup on a girl on the other team. Then they swap. You can play this game one team at a time so all the girls can watch the blindfolded players trying to apply the makeup. Once all the girls have played the game, they can vote on which girl has the best makeup. Don't give them mascara, eyeliner or anything that could injure the eyes. Let them apply eyeshadow with their fingers rather than a small brush. Have your camera ready for funny and memorable pictures.

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