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In the spirit of "Marble Madness," "Hamsterball" is an action puzzle game where players control a hamster in a ball. The hamster has to go up ramps and difficult tracks and avoid hazards like spikes, water and enemies to get to the end of the level. Each end level time is added to the next level, making it important to beat each level as timely as possible.

Arena Unlock

  • There are several secret arenas hidden in the game that can be unlocked by finding certain spots in the game. In the "Dizzy Race," find the small ledge located above the tar pit. There will be a small bridge connecting this spot to the arena secret spot. In the "Tower Race," go down the more difficult “obstacle” section and turn left after the second turn. Take the sharp corner to find the arena unlocking spot. In the "Up Race," find the spot by looking behind the first vacuum tube. The "Expert Race" unlock spot is found by going the upside way the second time. Before finishing the second U-turn, drop off the track to find the arena unlock spot.

Up Race Tricks

  • The "Up Race" is one of the more difficult tracks as you must race uphill instead of down. There are also a lot of vacuums, cylinders and other objects that can make this track difficult. Luckily, there are a few simple tricks you can use to help save yourself a lot of time on the track. When you reach the second vacuum, hold the left arrow. This will help you cross the bridge and can save up to 8 seconds of time. This will take you to the first cylinder. After you are shot out of the cylinder, press "Up" and "Left" to fly off the track. Doing so helps you avoid breaking your ball when you land and can save you up to 3 seconds of time.

Finishing Odd Race

  • The "Odd Race" is one of the most amusing tracks in the game as it has many strange backgrounds, objects and enemies, as well as power ups. Finishing it can be a bit difficult but not impossible. Start by going up and down the ramp and turn toward the short bridge. Go up and down the next two ramps and you’ll find yourself going upward. This gravity breaking trick allows you to go straight up the vertical track and down the hole in the track. Once you fall in the hole, you will shrink in size. Follow the track to the bridge and go down the elevator. Fall down into the cane next to the bridge to return to your normal size. Follow the bridge to the vertical track and take it to reach the goal.

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