Easy Mexican Crafts for Kids


Celebrate the culture of Mexico with easy Mexican crafts for kids. Learning about the culture of different countries helps children gain invaluable global knowledge. Along with food and music, crafts are a way to introduce a child to what it is like to live in Mexico. Crafts can be tied to Mexican events, such as a fiesta party, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May).

Mexican Flag

  • The Mexican flag is comprised of the colors green, white and red in three equal vertical stripes. In the center of the flag is an Aztec eagle image. For this craft you will need a sheet of white construction paper cut in half lengthwise, a pencil or dowel to attach the flag, a ruler, white glue and tissue or crepe paper in green, white and red. Optionally, you can print out a picture of the eagle emblem to glue in the center.

    Fold the white construction paper in half to create a 4-inch by 6-inch flag. Lay the flag with the folded end on your left. Divide the front of the flag into thirds with a pencil and ruler. Tear or cut the tissue paper into 2-inch squares. Coat the first rectangle on the flag with white glue, crumple up the green tissue paper and stick it on the glue-coated first section. Do this again for the center section in white and the last section in red. Open the flag and coat the inside with white glue, put the dowel or pencil along the left folded edge and push to seal. Allow to dry and add an eagle emblem, if desired.


  • Maracas are common percussion instruments used in Latin music. Making a maraca, or a set of maracas, is an easy Mexican craft for kids. Supplies needed include a paper plate, dried beans or rice, stapler, tape and decorating supplies like markers, crayons and paint. Fold the paper plate in half and carefully fill halfway with the dried beans or the rice. Staple or hot glue the plate completely shut. If you use a stapler, cover the sharp edges of the staples with pieces of tape or stickers. Provide the child with Mexican images to inspire the artwork and color choices and let him decorate the maraca. Turn on some Latin music and let the child shake his maraca to the beat.

Mexican Placemats

  • Weaving is a common technique used in Mexico for items such as rugs, ponchos and baskets. This craft is an easy way to teach a child about weaving. Supplies include a large 18-inch by 12-inch piece of construction paper, 16 strips of construction paper in multiple colors that measure 1-inch by 12-inch, scissors, white glue and a ruler.

    Fold the large piece of construction paper in half vertically. With a ruler, make a mark at every inch along the folded edge of the paper. Along the open edge, measure in 1 inch from the side and make a mark at every inch down the paper. Draw a line connecting the marks from the folded end to the open end. Cut along the lines with the paper folded and remember to stop within 1 inch of the open end. Open the paper and you will see the loom you have created. A child can easily do the cutting if you do the drawing of the lines for them. Weave the 1 inch strips of construction paper from the bottom to the top of the loom; create a pattern of bright colors, if desired. Glue down the ends of the strips when you’ve completed the weaving.

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