Intense Volleyball Drills for Girls


Volleyball is a sport played by men and women around the world. Especially popular in the United States, there are volleyball teams and leagues for younger players, as well as competitive teams in college. There are also professional volleyball teams. The more advanced the girls on the team, the more competitive the sport becomes and thus, the more intense the practices need to be. There are many different ways to run an intense volleyball practice for girls, and one way is through intensive drills.

Off the Net

  • Off the Net is an intense volleyball drill for girls that is best run when the coach has an assistant available. The girls are split into two groups and placed on either side of the net. On one side of the net will be defenders including a setter and hitter. The coach will repeatedly toss a volleyball into the net (one after the other) which a defender will need to bump to the setter who will then set the ball outside to the hitter. Balls should be sent repeatedly into the net. This is an intense volleyball drill used for girls as it makes them learn to perfect their skills all while they’re under pressure (from the continuous stream of balls).

Blocking Drill

  • This is an intense blocking drill used for girls’ volleyball programs. The drill calls for two coaches to be on hand. The coaches will stand on the far left side and far right side of the net, each simulating an outside hitter/right side hitter. The girls will be divided into two groups, evenly. The groups will be on the opposite side of the net, across from each other and corresponding with a coach. The respective coach will hit a ball to the blocker. The blocker will jump and block the ball, immediately shag the ball and return to the line. The coach will hit another ball into the next blocker immediately. This is a very fast-paced and intense volleyball drill. The main concern is the girls keep good form during the blocking drill. Go through the girls several times.

    An alternate way to run this drill is to have two blockers line up a few feet away from the respective coach. This alternate way will work on both blocking and the shuffle step. The players need to step a few feet when the coach throws the ball, to get the angle of approach and jump then block the ball.

Defense Drill

  • An intense volleyball drill for girls should also teach aggressiveness, and teach defenders to get under balls that are hit down. For this drill, the coach will stand in the middle of the net on either a box or chair. For best results, the coach will have an assistant next to her to continuously hand her balls to make this drill more intense and fast-paced. The coach will proceed to hit balls to the defenders. The goal is for the girls to be able to bump the ball, hit it straight up and catch it. For more intensity, play on both sides of the net with two coaches or assistants, and only allow one girl at a time on defense. After a player passes a ball straight up and catches it, she may take a break.

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