Pool Relay Games


Pool relay games are perfect for a large group of people at a pool party. Relays usually involve teams of two and multiple players on each team. Each team starts with one player doing a task, and the next player can’t start until the first one finishes. There are many variations on pool relay games, and all are good for a friendly competition.

Soaked Shirt Relay

  • For the soaked shirt relay, separate a large group into two teams. Have them line up on one side of the pool. Each team needs a large T-shirt. The first player puts on the large T-shirt over their bathing suit and swims to the other end of the pool and back. He takes off the wet T-shirt and gives it to the next person to put on, swim to the other end and back. The teams continue until the last player finishes. The first team to finish wins. The wet shirt is hard to get on and off, and it makes it more difficult to swim.

Watermelon Relay

  • Divide a group into two teams. Give each team a watermelon. The first player in each group jumps in the pool and pushes the watermelon across the pool and back, but they cannot touch the bottom of the pool. The first player gives the watermelon to the next player, and so on until one team finishes.

Dolphin Relay

  • Divide into teams and line them up on one end of the pool. The first player of each team takes a beach ball and jumps in the pool. The players have to push the ball with their nose or forehead down the length of the pool and back without touching the ball with their hands or other body part. The players pass the ball to the next player on their team. The first team to finish wins.

Tugboat Relay

  • The tugboat relay requires two ropes and two pool rafts. Have two people stand on each side of the pool (four in total) to hold two ropes across the length of the pool. Divide the rest of the group into two teams. One person from each team will start on a pool raft in the water. Each person either sits or lays on the raft, using one rope to pull themselves across the pool and back. They can only use their arms to move themselves. The remaining players do the same, and the first team to finish wins.

Funny Relay Races

  • If you need more ideas for fun relay races but don’t have much to work with, you can make up your own team relays. Divide the group into teams and line them up one one end of the pool. Have each team member do things like ride a pool noodle down and back, twirl in the water down and back or walk on their hands (if it’s shallow water).

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