Types of Perimeter Fencing


Perimeter fencing is a fence made of metal, wood or some composite material that runs around the edge of a property line in order to keep animals or people in or out. There are a number of different types of perimeter fences that people install around their properties for a variety of different purposes.

Chain-Link Fences

  • Chain-link fences are some of the most common perimeter fences as they are simple to construct, inexpensive and durable, serving the purpose of keeping people in or out of a certain area. Chain-link fences are used in backyards of homes to pen up animals. They are used on baseball fields to designate the boundary of the field and the keep the ball within the boundaries when it is hit against it. The chain link can also vary in size, making it harder or easier to climb. Smaller chain link that is very thick and incredibly difficult to climb or cut is often used in jails. Barbed wire is also strung along the top of a chain link fence in these situations to ensure that no one tries to climb over the top of it.

Wooden Fences

  • Wooden fences are also built along property lines and vary in size and thickness. In backyards where a wooden fence has been built to keep a dog or child inside the yard, the wooden planks are often only inches or centimeters apart and vertically built, so nothing can get around it or climb up it. Other wooden fences on ranches are built with much less wood, only providing a real visual barrier for cattle or other large livestock to keep them from roaming off the property. A perimeter fence can be expensive when it comes to building materials used, as well as time and labor it may take to properly construct the fence itself.

Electric Fences

  • Some perimeter fences are electrified to ensure neither people or animals go through them. These electrical fences range in voltage delivered, some being only set to shock and slightly hurt whoever touches it, while others are set to incapacitate or even kill on contact. Low-voltage electrical fences are used to keep sheep and other livestock within certain boundaries, or dogs from running out of the yard. High-voltage electrical fences are used in prisons to keep people from trying to escape. These electrical perimeter fences are connected to batteries or other high-voltage devices that run off a direct current from the property they encircle.

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