Cheap Party Games for Kids

Games bring life to any children's party.
Games bring life to any children's party. (Image: party objects image by dana nicolescu from <a href=''></a>)

There are a variety of children's games that require minimal resources to play. Many of these games are ideal for kids' parties. Not only are these games wonderful for the frugal-minded, but they are suggested for those who prioritize convenience as well as most involve nominal preparation.

Candy and Toothpick Race

This is a classic, fun and simple game involving teams. Split the children up into at least two teams, ideally with each team being four or more people. Give each team one O-shaped piece of candy and each team member a toothpick. The children stand in a straight line behind one another and each hold their toothpicks in their mouths. The first person in the line places the piece of candy on the other end of her toothpick and passes it to the next person on her team via the toothpicks in their mouths. If someone from one of the teams drops the piece of candy, that team must start over. The first team to pass the candy up and down the line is the winner.

Balloon Pop

This is a simple game that would be ideal for younger kids. Place small pieces of paper with numbers written on them inside balloons, then inflate and tie them. A second set of the same numbers are also written on small pieces of paper. Each child is then handed a balloon to pop, usually by sitting on top of it, but he may roll or step on it. A number is then drawn from the second copy of numbers and whoever had the balloon with the matching number inside is the winner.

Red Rover

This is a traditional children's game where children are divided into teams that stand facing one another. The teams take turns saying “Red rover, red rover send (insert a child's name from the opposing team) right over." The one who is named then runs towards the other team, who has joined hands in an effort to stop her from breaking their line. If she is able to break the line, she can then choose someone from that team to take back to her own. If she cannot break the line created by her opponents, she then becomes a member of their team. The team who has the most members after a designated time wins the game.

Balloon Relay

This is a fun game that is appropriate for younger and older children. Markers such as pots, pans or tape on the floor are put in the play area. Players are divided up into teams of four or more and given one balloon per team. A person from each team stands at all the markers. The first player from each team holds the balloon between his ankles and hops to the first marker to pass it off to one of his teammates. That teammate hops to the second marker to pass is off to the third teammate and so on. If at any time someone drops or pops the balloon, that team must start over. The first team to complete the course wins.

Prohibited Movements

In this game, children form a circle and the leader stands in the middle of them. At the beginning of the game, the children agree on two movements that are prohibited and decide on other movements that will be in their places. For example, squatting down may be prohibited and jumping up and down is put in its place. During play, the leader will do various movements and the children will imitate all of them except for the prohibited ones. Instead, they must remember to do the previously determined movement. When a child does a prohibited movement, she is then out of the game. This continues until one winner is left standing.

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