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Parisians have a way of making the rest of the world jealous. Whether it's their hair, body types, eyes or ravishing smiles, French women and men share beautiful styles with the world. Parisian womens' hairstyles range from simple and modest to tom-boyish to classic to stringy and plain. Although "Vogue" and "Elle" magazines set the trend for the hottest styles, a swath of French women choose to go their own way when deciding how to wear their long or short hair.

"Au Natural"

Some Parisian women just let their hair go. Without much fuss, women let their long tresses tumble. Favoring an "au natural" appeal, hairstyles in Paris tend toward unstructured and air-dried looks.

As of 2010, Parisian women in "Vogue" and on the avenues and city streets wear their hair pulled back in loose buns or pulled back with a headband or other feathered or floral accessory. Although French supermodels may straighten their hair with irons for shoots, the street look is more often kept simple and buoyant.

Braid Twist

Inspired by Anna Karina--the French star from the ‘60s who acted in Jean-Luc Godard films--the loose braid is coming back. Stylist Jason Wu describes the loose, twisted braid as a style that looks "effortless and airy.” Unlike a tight, meticulously fashionable braid, this twist contains the hair but can be done--or looks like it is done--by the woman herself.

To try the style, tease hair a bit before braiding to add height and volume. Create two separate braids in the hair down the back. Roll the braids together to create a twist. Pull loose or fine hairs into the twist. Use a few pins to hold the look. The twist makes an ideal summer style for long-haired women.

Just Off the Beach

The "coiffure du plage" or hair from the beach is a new trend, as of 2010. Inspired by the way a woman's hair looks after spending all day at the beach, "Vogue" magazine's Spring 2010 Fashion Week showcased Parisian women with waxy looking hair, as if still damp with grease and sweat. Using hairspray mists and light gels, women pull their hair back into a tight bun or let it fall loose and stringy. While it sounds dirty, the look is actually quite loose and lovely, with a sun-kissed effect.

Short & Sexy Tom Boy

Reset in high fashion by French actress Audrey Tautou, the boy-cut hairstyle is a French classic. Women who want to cast off the luxurious look--but tedious manicuring--of long hair opt for this short and choppy look.

To create the style, grow the hair to about the tops or middle of the ears. Have a hairdresser cut the hair unevenly or in layers to create height and hair strand separateness. Tousle it to make it look unkempt. For women, stick a few bobby pins in to set the style in place. Or, just let it go. This kind of hipster look does not take much effort and keeps necks cool in spring and summer heat.

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