Games to Play With Children at Gymnastic Classes


Gymnastics classes can be an excellent way to teach children balance and coordination while allowing them to work with and interact with their peers. Gymnastics can also be a great way to promote an active lifestyle for children. If you are responsible for planning a children's gymnastics class, there are a variety of different games you can play with kids.

Balance Beam

  • Have the children line up and then walk across a balance beam. If a child falls off the beam, they are "out." After the the line goes through once, start again with the remaining children, having them do slightly more difficult walks on the beam, such as walking backwards or with their eyes closed. Carefully monitor the children on the beam to ensure none of the children get injured while playing.

Natural Disaster

  • Place a mat in the center of the floor and have the children walk around it. Yell out actions and have the children do them on the mat. The last child to finish is eliminated from the game. Popular natural disaster choices are flood, where children all jump onto the mat as if it was a boat; comet, where a child will get on her knees with head tucked in (in ball/comet shape); and earthquake, where children get on the mat and shake as if they were in an earthquake. Encourage children to come up with their own "disasters" before the game begins.

Add On

  • Have the children stand in a circle and select one child to go first. The first child completes one gymnastic, stunt such as a forward roll or a cartwheel. The next child then completes the stunt the first child did, and adds one of his own. The third child completes the task the first and second children completed and then her own. Children are eliminated when they miss one of the stunts or fail at one (such as not being able to do a cartwheel). The winner is the last child playing who can complete all of the tasks before him.

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