Management Techniques in Business


A manager can use several different management techniques to take charge of his department or business. The management technique a person uses can be a reflection of his own personality or it could be adopted from experiences he has had as an employee. Each specific style of business management has its share of attributes and problems.

Autocratic Technique

  • An autocrat is a ruler of unlimited power and authority. An autocratic management technique is used by a manager who likes to make all of the decisions and have absolute control over her employees. She likes to give orders swiftly and have them carried out swiftly. Her technique is to control workers to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. She is not interested in listening to employee feedback. An autocratic management technique can rub a lot of employees the wrong way, but it can also be effective in a large company with unskilled workers, or when a business is in crisis and decisions need to be made fast.

Paternalistic Technique

  • A paternalistic management technique is most concerned with the social element of the business. He is concerned about how his employees feel about work and other issues and will always consider their views when making decisions. He has no trouble making final decisions, but will consult with his employees regularly and do what is best for everyone. A paternalistic management technique can slow down overall decision making, and may not be the best style for a fast-paced environment.

Democratic Technique

  • A manager who uses a democratic management technique tries to instill trust in her employees. She wants them to make decisions and to empower them by giving them some authority. She will show good communication skills and listen to advice and ideas from her employees. A democratic management style can result in slower decision making and more mistakes because the employees trusted with making decisions aren't always skilled enough to do it right.

Hybrid Technique

  • A superior manager will recognize that every employee is different and that one specific management technique will not be successful for everyone. He will develop a hybrid of all three management techniques that takes into consideration each employee's individual learning style and personality. This type of management technique can be challenging when working with larger groups of employees, but with patience, will ultimately get the most out of each one.


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