The Top Marine Engineering Colleges in India

Marine engineering is the study of the design, manufacture and operation of the engine and machinery of a ship sailing vessels. This field has attracts Indian students because of the vast employment opportunities provided for its graduates, especially for those who love the sea, want to travel abroad and are earn good incomes. There are many institutions in the various states in India that offer courses in marine engineering.

  1. Lal Bahadur Shastri College

    • The Indian Government's Ministry of Transport set up Lal Bahadur Shastri Nautical & Engineering College in rented barracks in 1948. It moved to its present location in 1965 and, in 1994, its name became what it is today. It is a top post-sea education and training Institute offering comprehensive courses for merchant navy officers. The college is in a seven-story building in a six-acre site. The building and two adjacent hostels overlook Mumbai Harbor. With over 1,200 students and 60 faculty members, the school is one of the larger marine training establishments in India. It offers 31 post-sea courses that meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards, and can meet the needs of offshore and onshore marine officers. It has simulators for: liquid cargo handling, engine room, ship maneuvering, and radar. Many foreign nationals attend and the campus has a swimming pool, hostel, canteen, transport facilities, and a post office.

      Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research
      Hay Bunner Road
      Mumbai 400 033, India

    Tolani Maritime Institute

    • Tolani (TMI) has over 1,600 students. It offers degree programs as well as short-term courses in marine engineering and nautical technology. It requires students to reside in the 100-acre campus with modern facilities. It also offers distance-learning programs for cadets and junior officers who get a structured education and a college degree, without having to attend a shore-based institution. Courses and degrees offered include: B.S. marine engineering, B.S. nautical sciences, post-graduate certificate course in marine engineering, and ship masters' command & control course. The B. S. marine engineering program takes four years of theoretical and practical training. Only unmarried candidates are considered, and they must have met the school's grade standards in senior secondary examinations in physics, chemistry, mathematics and English.

      Tolani Maritime Institute
      Talegaon - Chakan Road, Induri, Talegaon
      Pune 410 507, India

    Marine Engineering & Research Institute

    • The Marine Engineering & Research Institute is the oldest marine engineering college in India, estalbished in 1947. First named Directorate of Marine Engineering Training, it was renamed Marine Engineering and Research Institute in 1994. More than 50 years after its founding, it is regarded as the most acclaimed marine institute in India. The school is affiliated with Jadaypur University, and its four-year, eight-semester course includes computer science. Its students receive degrees in marine engineering. Its alumni are regarded as among the finest marine engineers, with 6,000 of them now sailing all over the world as floating ambassadors of India. The Marine Engineering & Research Institute proudly claims that it has traditionally been able to find employment for almost 100 percent of its graduates.

      Marine Engineering & Research Institute
      P-19, Taratolla Road. Kolkata: 700 088
      West Bengal, India.

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