Musical Limbo Games for Kids


The classic game of Limbo provides some silly entertainment for kids and adults alike. As the pole lowers after every round, it gets harder and harder for people to walk beneath it without hitting it with their heads. Though the original game alone gives kids a few laughs, variations on the game may make for even more fun.

Backwards Limbo

  • Limbo gets a twist when the kids have to walk backwards under the Limbo stick in each round instead of walking forwards. Begin the game as usual, with two people holding up high either end of a stick. Line the kids up a few feet away from the stick and turn on some music. Each kid walks under the stick backwards so that it creates an extra challenge. After each round, lower the stick. Whoever can't walk under the stick backwards gets eliminated from the game. The last kid standing wins the game.


  • For the game, you need about five large hats (e.g. cowboy hats, straw hats or sombreros). You can use different types of hats, but the point of using them is to add an extra challenge to the game. Line the kids up behind the Limbo stick as usual. After you've turned the music on, the first round begins, and all of the kids go under the Limbo stick. In the second round, lower the Limbo stick and add one hat to the players' heads as they make their way under the stick. In the third round, the players have to make it under the lowered Limbo stick with two hats on their heads. During the game, the players can hold onto their hats with their hands. In the last round, the players have to make it under the Limbo stick at its lowest point with all five hats on their heads. Whoever can do this wins the game.

Limbo Stick Obstacle Course

  • If you have plenty of volunteers, try this game out. Get about five different limbo sticks and 10 volunteers to hold either end of each stick. To play the game, situate the Limbo sticks so that the people holding them stand only a few feet away from each other. Line the players up at a starting line and turn on some music. Each Limbo stick needs to be positioned differently. For instance, position the first stick so that it's at shoulder length, while the second stick's positioned very low. After every round, change the height of each Limbo stick. The player who successfully completes every round wins the game.

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