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You can use fruit for more decorating purposes than just throwing it in a bowl. Fruit is useful for accent, primary, sculpture and canvas purposes. You can use it to add a splash of color to a floral bouquet, arrange cut fruit into a floral-inspired bouquet and even cover the fruit in decorative paint. As long as you have some creativity and basic craft supplies, the possibilities are almost endless.

Cheerful Fruit Bouquet

  • Create a colorful fruit bouquet at home to cheer up someone’s day for far less than it would cost to purchase a similar item. A round blue ceramic vase provides a medium-sized container for the arrangement. The bouquet consists of assorted fruit shapes speared onto long wooden skewers for a fruit flower and wood stem look.

    Flower-shaped pineapple slices speared with wooden skewers and topped with cherry centers provide the primary material for the creation. Wooden skewers speared through five large honeydew balls each provide a leafy accent material for the spiky bouquet. Whole strawberries top a few honeydew sticks to create extra color and texture peeking out of the arrangement.

Harvest Fruit Centerpiece

  • You don’t have to create a big centerpiece for the dining table to decorate with fruit; you can also create small centerpieces to decorate coffee tables, end tables or shelves. A short, clear, square glass vase provides a simple base for the design. Sugarcoated fresh cranberries and large, sugarcoated, unshelled sunflower seeds create a random sparkling pattern that ends just above the vase rim. A thin, bright red silk ribbon wraps around the top third of the vase and ties into a tiny bow in the front for a sophisticated accent.

Modern Fruit Centerpiece

  • Combine sliced citrus fruits and a glass vase to create a bold centerpiece with a modern style. A tall, thick, clear, rectangular glass vase provides a crisp base for the design. A thick layer of orange slices, a thin layer of lime slices and a thin layer of lemon slices form a repeating pattern that ends just below the vase rim. A little water fills the empty space between slices to keep the fruit moist.

Spring Fruit Wreath

  • Bring the fresh colors of spring into your home with an artistic fruit wreath you can hang on any door or wall. While fresh fruit looks great for a wreath, it also tends to rot away too quickly to make the effort worthwhile. Fake fruit decorations look great and last long enough to make the wreath project worth the time and effort.

    A round craft foam wreath provides the base for the fruit design. Craft glue and thick floral picks help secure the decorations to the foam. Tiny plastic limes create an outer ring on the wreath and four limes decorate the top, bottom, left and right points of the inner ring. Small plastic strawberries, crabapples and lemons create a random pattern over the remaining wreath area.

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