Male Model Diet Tips


Men feel much of the same pressure to stay thin as women do, especially of they are professional models. Ideal male silhouettes vary from waifish to very muscular, and both require staying trim. Always check with your doctor before starting any diet regimen, especially an extreme one.

Get Enough Protein

  • Protein is what keeps you feeling full for the longest period. Make lean choices such as egg whites, salmon, and nuts, and fit them into every meal. Easy-to-carry items such as snack bags filled with almonds can help you to stave off hunger all day. Choose protein bars and shakes carefully to make sure they don't have too much sugar or saturated fats.

Eat Five Small Meals a Day

  • It seems counterintuitive to say eating more times a day can help you keep in shape, but if you can keep your blood sugar around the same level all day, you won't have periods where you're starving-- which can lead to overeating. You can keep your metabolism revved up, constantly burning calories, instead of shutting down after no meals or moving sluggishly after too much food. Be sure when planning meals that each contains protein and fat, especially breakfast.

Fill Up on Fiber

  • Fiber is another tool that makes you feel fuller almost immediately. Since it expands internally, it can last a long time. Choose products that say high-fiber and avoid highly processed items like white bread and white rice. Not all of your fiber has to come from grains, however. Vegetables such as kale and fruits like apples not only give you lots of fiber, but also healthy nutrients.

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