Preschool Dinosaur Art Activities


Teaching preschoolers about dinosaurs helps them understand that the world has not always looked the way it does now. Preschoolers who study dinosaurs learn about fossils, habitats, extinction and the scientists who have contributed to our knowledge of dinosaurs. Dinosaur art activities allow preschoolers to exercise creativity as they imagine what dinosaurs might have been like.

Dinosaur Puppets

  • After teaching children about different types of dinosaurs, give them materials to make their own dinosaur puppets, either modeled after a dinosaur they learned about or one of their own invention. Use socks or brown paper bags for the base and decorate them with paint, construction paper or craft foam cut into different shapes.

Dinosaur Eggs

  • Preschoolers can make their own giant dinosaur eggs out of papier-mache and paint in the art activity outlined on Enchanted Learning. Have the children cover a balloon with papier-mache and let it dry for a couple days. Then let them decorate the dinosaur egg with paint, glitter, markers and other art supplies.

Dinosaur Fossils

  • Preschoolers who have learned about fossils and their role in teaching scientists about dinosaurs can make fossil art projects to take home. Have the children form flat patties of air-dry clay and press objects into the clay to make a replicas of dinosaur footprints or tooth imprints or use a plastic dinosaur toy to make a miniature dinosaur fossil. Fossils should be dried completely before sending them home so they don't get destroyed in transit.

Dinosaur Skeletons

  • Many children have seen displays or pictures of dinosaur skeletons in museums. Preschoolers can make their own dinosaur skeletons out of dry pasta glued to black paper. Using a variety of shapes such as fusilli (corkscrew), spaghetti, macaroni and farfalle (bow tie) allows children to form all the different bones in a dinosaur's skeleton.

Invent a Dinosaur

  • Preschoolers can create their own dinosaurs out of colored shapes as a simple craft that requires only construction paper and glue. Adults should cut out simple shapes in a variety of sizes and colors. Children can mix and match the shapes to make the body, neck, head, tail, spikes, teeth and other distinguishing features on an invented dinosaur species.

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