Banker's Rights and Duties


Bankers play a large role in the financial system of countries. According to Exforsys Inc, bankers are financially informed individuals who advise clients on savings and checking accounts, investments, loans, taxes and securities. They are detrimental in advising clients on all financial matters and watching how the financial market affects their clients personal accounts.

Financial Advice

  • Bankers are given the primary duty of providing financial advice to their clients. Bankers have to communicate regularly with clients either over the phone or in person and answer any questions that may exist. More importantly though, bankers must review the financial status of their clients and inform them on whether they can achieve their desired financial status and through what means, such as investments, states Exforsys Inc. It is through this guidance that bankers display their financial expertise and clients establish their dependence on this advice. Bankers who fail to provide good financial advice will lose clients and fail to fulfill this duty.

Keeping Financial Records

  • On a daily basis, bankers are required to monitor and keep track of the financial transactions and movements of the bank for which they work. This duty means ensuring that records are accurate and items such as loan applications, deposits, or bank statements are reviewed at the day's end to verify that no fraudulent actions were committed. This duty is essential to maintaining the functioning of the banking institution and proper categorization of all records, so if there is a problem every transaction can be easily retrieved and reviewed.

Distributing Money

  • Disbursing money is one of the duties most depended on by clients. This distribution refers to clients wishing to withdraw cash for purchases or obtaining loans for high expense items such as cars or house down payments, reports Exforsys Inc. This duty carriers a high level of responsibility because bankers must ensure that the individual withdrawing money from an account owns the account. For loans, bankers have to verify that the individual asking for the loan is able to repay the loan by the specified deadline. Reviewing financial materials and ensuring that banks are taking on low risk loans is a primary duty of a banker.

Charging Interests/Services

  • A banker has the right to generate money off the loans and services she provides at the bank. The duties bankers fulfill on a daily basis are used to create money for them and the financial institution they work for. According to Mindomo, bankers have the right to charge clients for services provided and also to make money through interest generated off loans. The money generated from these loans/services is then used to provide loans for other people and increase the amount of business the bank does.

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