Fun Two-Player Games for Kids

When your child and his best friend are bored, give them some ideas of how to spend the afternoon by providing fun two-player games. If children are having a difficult time coming up with something to do, sometimes all it takes is a parent stepping in and teaching kids a new game. Pull out old table game classics or look online for some of the latest interactive games designed for two players.

  1. Card Games

    • Break open a pack of child-friendly cards and engage children in a card game for two. Favorites are Memory, Pig, Go Fish and Snap. Don't forget old classics such as War and Slapjack. These card games are anything but quiet---in fact, some are wild, noisy and requires quick reflexes. Older children will be able to master Stealing Bundles and Sevens. Or check out the pre-packaged card games such as Uno and Old Maid.

    Board Games

    • Many board games are designed for two or more people and children can match up their wits and skills over classics like Othello, checkers, chess and mancala. Younger kids may like Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Hi Ho Cherry-O or Trouble. Word games like Scrabble and Boggle work best for older kids with a good grasp of spelling and vocabulary. Monopoly Jr, Clue Jr., Connect Four, Sorry, Guess Who and 20 Questions are other fun board games that two players can play.

    Improv Games

    • Two kids together can be just as silly as a large group, and improv games allow that fun-loving attitude to come out. In Party Quirks, one player possesses an unusual physical characteristic, like three legs. The player must give clues to the host about that quirk without giving it away. ABC is another game for two people---players take turns using the letters of the alphabet in a conversation. For example, player one starts the conversation with "A," such as "Aardvarks are on the loose." The second player must begin his sentence with the letter "B," such as "Better call the cops, then."

    Online Games

    • The Internet is full of clever games designed for two people. Whether kids pick their favorite animated cartoon characters, such as Spongebob Squarepants, or head to a reputable website like Disney or Nickelodeon, interactive two-player games are just right for kids to spend an afternoon. Kids can even find educational games online that center on geography, science or math. Online game subjects include car games, dress-up games, sports games, music games, painting and puzzle games and even classic strategy games.

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